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<br />~~a~<'4d /o-7~gi$ <br /> <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY BOARD OF EQUALIZATION <br /> <br />A. C. DALGLEISH <br />DAVID G. DOUGLAS <br />ARCHIE BARBER, JR. <br /> <br />CHAIRMAN <br />VICE-CHAIRMAN <br />MEMBER <br />ALTERNATE <br /> <br />MINUTES <br /> <br />AUGUST <br /> <br />3rd, <br /> <br />1 9 8 8 <br /> <br />The Board of Equalization convened at 9:00 a.m. with Chairman A.C. <br />Dalgleish, Vice-Chairman David G, Douglas, Member Archie Barber, Jr, <br />and Clerk Dierdrei L. Whiteford present. The Board dispensed with the <br />reading of the Minutes of previous meetings at this time. <br /> <br />BOE-88-056-P Parcel Number: 002-284-036 <br />PETITIONER: MRS. ROBERT O'DELL was not present, Because she <br />could not be present she informed the Clerk that the hearing could be <br />held in her absence. Mrs. 0' Dell's petition was read into the Minutes. <br />ASSESSOR: ROBERT KINGSLEY was present as a representative of <br />the Assessor's Office. <br /> <br />Mr. and Mrs. 0' De11 are only contesting the improvements on this <br />personal property petition. The improvements consist of a 1978 mobile <br />home with the dimensions of 14 x 70 feet. There his an attached <br />addition to this mobile home which is 12 x 50 square feet. The property <br />has not been listed for sale or been appraised by anyone other than the <br />County Assessor. Mrs. O'Dell listed the current valuation on the <br />improvements as: $ 27,005.00, The O'Dells state that this property at <br />351 Daisy King Road is assessed too high. They state that the addition <br />is an enclosed deck with a woodstove added, They state that the mobile <br />is worth approximately $5,000.00. They claim that the addition consists <br />of used materials of a value not exceeding $2,000.00. They believe the <br />true and fair value of the improvements is $7,500.00. <br /> <br />Robert Kingsley stated that this assessment cycle was the first time <br />the 12 x 50 foot addition was inspected. He could not look at the <br />addition or measure it. He could only inspect the mobile home from his <br />automobile because of large dogs which were not under control. <br />He had guessed that the addition was 14 x 56 which was a little high as <br />the O'Dells stated that it was 12 x 50, The mobile home was previously <br />appraised at $9,715.00. Mr. Kingsley was unsure as to the exact date <br />of this previous appraisal. <br /> <br />The Board decided to take this petition under advisement. They will <br />conduct an on-site inspection before making their determination. There <br />beinq one condition: The day the Board appears the O'08lls must have <br />their doqs under control. The Clerk was advised to send an inspection <br />notice with this reauirement listed as well as the anticipated date of <br />inspection. The Clerk dispatched the letter immediately. <br />BOE-88-054-C [Marina II] Parce1 Number: 502-152-001 <br />BOE-88-055-C [Marina III] Parcel Number: 502-152-010 <br />PETITIONER: WAYNE HARRIS was present. His fiance Jaime Hammon <br /> <br />1 <br />