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<br />U : Jb>s.ex"s.. <>1<$. ""-. /lIP"'l!iS <br />/';r,ff)S '/iil<"""€fj ...J <br /> <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY BOARD OF EQUALIZATION <br /> <br />A. C. DALGLEISH <br />DAVID G. DOUGLAS <br />ARCHIE BARBER, JR. <br /> <br />CHAIRMAN <br />VICE-CHAIRMAN <br />MEMBER <br />ALTERNATE <br /> <br />OUINAULT <br /> <br />I N D I A N <br /> <br />N A T ION <br /> <br />MINUTES <br /> <br />AUGUST <br /> <br />2 2, <br /> <br />1 9 B 8 <br /> <br />THE BOARD OF EQUALIZATION CONVENED FOR THIS HEARING AT 1:00 p.m. <br />Those present were as f0110ws: <br /> <br />PRESENT AS THE BOARD OF EQUALIZATION: <br />CHAIRMAN: A. C. DALGLEISH <br />VICE-CHAIRMAN: DAVID G. DOUGLAS <br />MEMBER: ARCHIE BARBER, JR. <br />CLERK OF THE BOARD: DIERDREI L. WHITEFORD <br /> <br />PRESENT AS AN OBSERVER: <br />COUNTY COMMISSIONER: GEORGE BROWN <br /> <br />PRESENT ON BEHALF OF THE ASSESSOR'S OFFICE: <br />DEPUTY ASSESSOR: ROBERT SHOLD <br />REAL PROPERTY TECHNICIAN: SHERRIE ROSBACH <br /> <br />PRESENT ON BEHALF OF THE OUINAULT INDIAN NATION: <br />ALAN STEEGE-PRESENTING TESTIMONY <br />TOM SHIRILLA-FOREST MANAGEMENT AND PLANNER FOR Q.I.N.-NO TESTIMONY <br />RICHARD REICH-RESERVATION ATTORNEY FOR Q.I.N.-PRESENTING CASE, NO <br />TESTIMONY <br /> <br />CONSULTATION AFTER ADJOURNMENT OF HEARING: <br />STEVE OLSEN-CRIMINAL PROSECUTOR OF JEFFERSON COUNTY <br /> <br />BOE-88-075-TIMBER LAND ONLY <br />BOE-88-076-TIMBER LAND ONLY <br />BOE-BB-077-TIMBER LAND ONLY <br />BOE-B8-078-TIMBER LAND ONLY <br />BOE-BB-079-TIMBER LAND ONLY <br />BOE-88-0BO-TIMBER LAND ONLY <br />BOE-B8-081-TIMBER LAND ONLY <br /> <br />Parce1 Number: 412-313-001 <br />Parce1 Number: 412-321-001 <br />Parce1 Number: 412-332-001 <br />Parce1 Number: 412-342-003 <br />Parce1 Number: 412-353-002 <br />Parcel Number: 413-274-001 <br />THIS BOE NUMBER NOT USED** <br /> <br />The assessed va1uation on these parce1s follows: <br />BOE-88-075-TLO Total Assessed Va1uation: $ 40,120.00 <br />BOE-88-076-TLO Total Assessed Valuation: $ 88,800.00 <br />BOE-88-077-TLO Total Assessed Valuation: $ 65,490.00 <br />BOE-88-07B-TLO Total Assessed Valuation: $ 47,330.00 <br />BOE-BB-079-TLO Total Assessed Valuation: $ 44.400.00 <br />BOE-BB-080-TLO Total Assessed Valuation: $ 46.260.00 <br /> <br />Chairman Da1Q1eish introduced the Board of Equalization members, the <br />Assessor's Office representatives and Commissioner George Brown (who <br />represents portions of the West End). He informed the Quinau1t Indian <br /> <br />1 <br />