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B 12X[Icon] CRP No. 36; Increase Amount for Improvements on Various County and City of Port Townsend Streets (Re
B 13[Icon] Disposition of Counties share of Federal Forest Reserve to the County Road Fund and the County Schoo
B 13 ‎(2)‎[Icon] Joint Meeting of County Commissioners, Engineers, Auditors and Welfare Administrators at Pacific Bea
B 14[Icon] Supplemental Budget for County Road Fund
B 15[Icon] Improve Portions of Shine Road
B 16[Icon] Repaint Queets River Bridge, Harlow Creek Crossing (Rescinded by Resolution No. B-27)
B 17[Icon] Improve Bogachiel River Road
B 18[Icon] Revised Method of Procedures on C-500 and C-600 Authority Projects
B 19[Icon] Proceed to Ellensburg to Attend State Convention (at Public Expense) (6/17/1941)
B 20[Icon] Proceed to Seattle to meet with State Department of Health, Dr. Evans Regarding the Resignation of C
B 21[Icon] Proceed to Seattle to meet with State Department of Health, Dr. Evans Regarding the Absents of Count
B 21 A[Icon] Granting Permission to the US Army to Use County Roads and Structures in Accordance with their reque
B 22[Icon] Lease of County Owned Lands at Indian Island to Federal Government (Also See Resolution No. B-103)
B 23[Icon] Reconstruct East Quilcene Bridge
B 24[Icon] CRP No. 33
B 25[Icon] CRP No. 35
B 26[Icon] Request Continued Support for National Youth Administration Projects
B 27[Icon] Rescind Resolution No. B-16 re: Repainting Queets River Bridge at Harlow Crossing
B 28[Icon] CRP No. 40
B 29[Icon] CRP No. 36
B 30[Icon] CRP No. 34
B 31[Icon] Jefferson County to Convey Property to United States of America for the purpose of National Defense
B 32[Icon] Acquire Real Estate for Recreational Sites for Public Use and Enjoyment
B 33[Icon] Hearing Notice re: Budget Appropriation: County Jail
B 34[Icon] Budget Appropriation: County Jail
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