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B 216[Icon] Vacation Portion of Second Avenue in Irondale (Allen Learned, Petitioner)
B 217[Icon] CRP No. C-11; Oak Bay Road
B 218[Icon] Grant Franchise for Power Lines; Mason County PUD No. 1 (Duckabush Road, Black Point Road, Dosewalli
B 219[Icon] Transfer of Funds; Current Expense Fund to Courthouse Building Fund
B 220[Icon] CRP No. 83; Beckett Point Road
B 220A[Icon] Emergency Budget Appropriation; Current Expense - Airport Improvement Fund
B 221[Icon] CRP No. C-12; Port Ludlow Mats Mats Road
B 222[Icon] Deed Property to Jefferson County; William R. Hicks to be dedicated as a Public Park known as Hicks
B 223[Icon] CRP No. 26-2-118; Courthouse Repairs
B 224[Icon] CRP No. 84; Chevy Chase Road
B 225[Icon] Emergency Budget Appropriation; Establish County Memorial Park
B 226[Icon] Agreement re: Management of County Airport; Alton C. Mosley (Voided by Resolution No. C-1)
B 227[Icon] Agreement re: Clear Timber from County Airport Property; O.G. Mosley (Voided by Resolution No. C-1)
B 228[Icon] Hearing Notice re: Emergency Budget Transfer
B 229[Icon] Emergency Budget Transfer
No Number[Icon] Grant Franchise to Jefferson County Telephone System, Inc. (50 Years) (October 7, 1946)
No Number A[Icon] Grant Franchise to Cross Under the Leland Valley Road #37 (50 Years); Joe Kawamoto (October 21, 1946
No Number B[Icon] Quit Claim Deed of Blyn Property for State Road No. 9 (December 4, 1946)
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