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C 156[Icon] CRP No. 101; East Quilcene Road
C 157[Icon] Certificate of Delinquency for Non Payment of General Taxes Since 1944 for Foreclosure
C 158[Icon] County Flood Control Project No. 1; Clearwater River
C 159[Icon] Authorize Prosecuting Attorney to take Legal Steps to Carry Out Intent of Resolution No. C-145
C 160[Icon] CRP No. 101; East Quilcene Road
C 161[Icon] Unclaimed Deposits made Payable to Jefferson County Treasurer ($440.00)
C 162[Icon] Supplemental Agreement: Underground Communication Cable Line
C 163[Icon] CRP No. 102; Dosewallips River Road (Replace Existing Wooden Bridge)
C 164[Icon] Transfer of Funds from the County Road Fund to the Portage Canal Bridge Bond Fund
C 165[Icon] Budget Appropriation: Prosecuting Attorney
C 166[Icon] Budget Transfer: Suspense Fund to School Excise Tax Fund
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