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126 92[Icon] The Statutory Vacation of A Portion of Unopened Stevens Street; Plat of Garfield's Addition
127 92[Icon] Designating Duties of Clerk of the Board
128 92[Icon] Joint Jefferson County/City of Port Townsend re: Adoption of County-Wide Planning Policy (Amended by
129 92[Icon] Adoption of the 1993 Annual Budget including the Current Expense, Public Works, Special Funds, Jeffe
130 92[Icon] Revising County Road Project Designated as CR0825; Realignment and Channelize Intersection of SR19 (
131 92[Icon] Partial Re-payment of Loan; Hotel-Motel Tax Fund; To Repay Jefferson County Current Expense Fund
132 92[Icon] Reimbursement for Use of Personal Vehicles
133 92[Icon] Adoption of a Personnel Manual for all Jefferson County Employees (Repeals and replaces Resolution 7
134 92[Icon] Adopting a Memorandum of Understanding Between the Quinault Indian Nation and Jefferson and Grays Ha
1992 Resolution List[Icon]
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