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051 14[Icon] Increasing the Jefferson County General Fund Levy for 2015 Taxes
052 14[Icon] Increasing the Jefferson County Road Levy for 2015 Taxes
053 14[Icon] Diversion of Road Levy for Traffic Law Enforcement for the 2015 General Fund Budget
054 14[Icon] Increasing the Jefferson County Conservation Futures Tax Levy for 2015 Taxes
055 14[Icon] Declaration of Emergency Damage to County Roads
056 14[Icon] Hearing Notice: 4th Quarter 2014 Budget Appropriations/Extensions; Various County Departments
057 14[Icon] Closing County Administrative Offices at Noon on Christmas Eve
058 14[Icon] Adopting the 2015 Budget for the General Fund and Other Funds, and the 2015 Jefferson County Road Co
059 14[Icon] Adopting a Salary Schedule for the FLSA and Union Exempt Management and Professional Employees for 2
060 14[Icon] Declaration of Emergency Flooding/Wind Damage
061 14[Icon] Designating Dowans Creek Road County Road No. 146809 as a primitive road
062 14[Icon] ORDER: 4th Quater Budget Appropriations/Extensions for Various County Departments
2014 Resolution List[Icon]
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