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<br />COMMISSIONERS' PROCEEDINGS M <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY <br /> <br />533 <br /> <br />Monday, Ap:tlil 6th, 1942. <br /> <br />The Honorable Board of Jefferson County ComrdsrJioners meet on the above named date at the hour of <br />10 A.M. with alll'llembers present. <br />The minutes of the March session Vlere read ?nd approved. <br />It being the tiJre and place for the opening of bids for the County Truck insurance, the following <br />Agents su1:mitted their bids. <br />Kl~ssell Insurance Agency* <br />F . W. Eisenbeis ~~ <br />H.T. Hayden * <br />Jack Hearing <br />George Welch ~} <br />I After careful consideration the Coounissioners decided to let Mr. Anderson of the Klaesell Ins Agy <br />I write the insurance and to devide the premium betwee~ the men ~~th established offices in Port Townsend. <br />The bid of [.:1'. Jack Hearing wp-s rejected '1.s it WaS made by a },lutual Company. <br />" PeI'lniszion was granted to Mr. Guy Barkhurst of Port Ludlow Rt to cut the brush on the tract of <br />land he h~d purchased from the County under contract. <br />I l,'otion made, seconded and carried to repair the ditch on Mr. '!loods fam on the West Valley road <br />I \\hich the county ?ut in a number of years ago to drain the road ditch of surpl\ls water. <br />I A resolution fram the of~'ice of the Governor asking that the limit of speed on County controlled <br />I roads be set at 4D mile, per hour w?s signed and returned to that office. <br />I Bids were opened for the burial of County Indigent and it was found that the Port Townsend <br />I Mortuary and the Carroll Mortuary were the same, <br />Factory lined standard Cedar Burial Clwket, American illr &.glish crepe (cloth co"eredO, 4 <br />I bail handles, rough box, embalming, opening and closing grave ---------~~75 .00 <br />, Transporta.ti:m from any pCiint outside City Lim:i ts, ~'erry or other costs of a s:im:i.1i"r nature <br />extra plus lOt per mile. <br />Burial robe if necessary $5.00/. <br /> <br />* amount total <br /> <br />(~,101.60 <br /> <br />Bid ;)w?,rded six months to each 1'.S they see fit to arrange i:t. <br />The Board adjourned to meet a.gain on Tuesday, April 7. <br />Tuesdl1y, April 7th at 10 A,L <br />The Board reconvened on the above named date and hour with all luembers present. <br />Motion made, seconded and carried to have all logging operators put up a Bond of :'t500.00 before <br />they st~ work to insure their proper care and upkeep of the roads they operate on. <br />The following bill against the county were examined and ordered paid. <br />CURRZl'iT EXPBj~SE $5,702.41 <br />1/ II Assistance Acct. 2,229.82 <br />COUNTY ROAD 15,319.87 <br /> <br />The Board adjourned to meet again on Wednesday, ApI' 8th. <br />Wednesd13y, April 8th at 10 A.M. <br />The Board reconvened on the above named date and hour with all members. present. <br />The Board and the Auditor counted the Treasurer's cash and found it to be correct in the amount <br />of cash on hand $2,774.64 <br />The bid of the lAader Company for county printing of first insertion of 6O~ per inch and <br />subsequent insertions at 45tp WaS accepted. <br />, RESOLUTION ON 40 111. Speed LiInit., <br /> <br />B,,; IT H.i:E01VED by the Board of Count:\''' C=issioners of the County of Jefferson, that <br />V.HEREAS the Board of County Comrr.iss:Loners, J!lXl'JlCli.3. pursuant to Laws of 1937, Chapter <br />189, Section 66, deem it advisable to re!~ulate the speed of "ehicles on County Roads of <br />Jefferson Ccunty, on account of conditions existing due to the Vial' emergency. <br />NOW, 'l'F.EfCF'OliE, IT IS 'mRr~BY fu:.iOL ',',LD : <br />That the maxium s'Oeed of all "ehicles on all county roads in JeJ'ferson County is innosed <br />and fixed at f'ort~ (4D) miles an hour; <br />I'l' IS RUHTHEH RESOLVED that !;he present signs ",aintained on all county roads of <br />J ei'ferson County showing the maximUl1\ speed of fifty (50) miles an hour shall be <br />immediately chane:;ed and reposted to display a maximUl1\ speed limit of forty (40) miles <br />an hour on said County Roads. <br />IT IS FlJ'RTliER HESOL"'jjj.D that there shall be posted at both ends of all county roads <br />in Jefferson County, signs of su:tficient size to. be easily re,od setting forth said maxim1.U11 <br />speed of forty (4D) miles an hour and stating that this regulation is made by order of <br />the Board of County Commissioners in Jefferson C01mty. <br />Dated this 8th day of ~ 1942. <br />April <br /> <br />Board <br /> <br />of Jefferson County Ccrnmissioners <br />Arthur C. 30ren, Chaiman <br />Hugh Nisbet, l:ember <br />Bertil Kruse 1/ <br /> <br />Attest: <br /> <br />p .]c~. Hichardson <br />81,erk of the Board. <br /> <br />~.O!.1!:U.illLA ...21.. to Seattle, <br /> <br />~HERr~B in the matter of a certain sun of money to be paid by the United States of <br />America for the taking of certain h.nds in t."r1e 'flest end of Jefferson 80unty and which <br />is now and has been on denosit in the Federal Court ~n Seattle, and <br />WH2!:REAS no results have been ohtained 'in rer~ard to getting this f,lOney ':Jy writing <br />to the Special Attoryey's with regard to s/1Ple <br />NOW, Tffi;niFORE it is felt by the COllunl.ssioners of Je;i'fe~'son '::ollnty that if they <br />'::>roceed to Seattle and talk with these special attorp-eys, th?t some :i.m1,lediate action <br />;,ight, be forthcoming, and, therefore <br />BE IT llESOLVED, that the 30ard proceed to ScatUe on April 9th and make special <br />effort to sane action so as to .,ecare this "laney at an el'lrly date. <br />- Board ,)f Jei'feraon County CO,jnis"ioners <br />Arthur C' ...oren, Chaiman <br />!Iugh Nisbet, Lember <br />Attest: .3ertil Kruse, II <br />P.. . Richardson <br />Clerk of the Board. <br /> <br />Jee page 534. <br />