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g„ONCp <br /> sff,NG'c <br /> MINUTES <br /> Jefferson County Board of Commissioners <br /> Special Meeting — Monday, June 4, 2018, 6:00 p.m. <br /> Jefferson County Courthouse — Superior Court Courtroom <br /> 1820 Jefferson Street, Port Townsend, WA <br /> CALL TO ORDER: Chair David Sullivan called the meeting to order at the appointed <br /> time in the presence of Commissioner Kathleen Kler and Commissioner Kate Dean. <br /> HEARING re: 2018 Comprehensive Plan Periodic Review and Unified Development <br /> Code Amendments: Department of Community Development Associate Planner Joel Peterson gave a <br /> presentation on the 2018 Comprehensive Plan Periodic Review and Unified Development Code <br /> Amendments. <br /> Chair Sullivan opened the hearing for public testimony. <br /> James Fritz, Port Townsend: He stated he is one of the few people here tonight that actually worked on <br /> the Comprehensive Plan 20-25 years ago. Dozens of people were here month after month and everything <br /> they did was thrown out. The County Commissioners ran through whatever they wnted. The whole <br /> County Comprehensive Plan was made as complex as possible so that nobody would be able to do <br /> anything, frankly. As a result, the problems we are having today, go way back 20 years. We have <br /> hundreds of people who are homeless, including a little over 100 children. Our Economic Development <br /> Council said we need a thousand high-paying jobs, which pays at least $25 an hour, because you need <br /> $50,000 to be even lower-middle class. We are losing $5-8 Million in taxes because we don't have <br /> enough retail sales and not enough high-paying businesses to employ people. If we had another 1,000 <br /> people getting $50,000 a year, they would be going to restaurants and eating out. The money would be <br /> put into the economy. People making $25,000 - $30,000 per year have to pinch pennies so they go out to <br /> Walmart because they have no choice. As a result, you get a downward spiral. Jefferson County will <br /> become a dog patch if we're not careful. What do we need? Manufacturing and partnering we need to <br /> really stress. Manufacturing in southwestern Washington pays $25 an hour, an average of$50,000 per <br /> year. People in Jefferson County do manufacturing, especially value-added manufacturing for <br /> agriculture. In the farming industry, most farmers work 80 hours per week and their wives work another <br /> job to support them. They really need to have as little forms and red tape as possible because after you <br /> work 12 hours per day, they simply don't have the time or energy. He stated his recommendations are on <br /> a handout he submitted. We've got to make government user-friendly. The purpose of government is not <br /> to beat people over the head, it's to make life easier for us. When you are doing things, consider that. <br /> We better prepare for the next bad recession. Jefferson County has had a lot more recessions in our <br /> times, than there has been good times. Thanks. <br /> Walter Moa, Port Townsend: He stated it is a pleasure to speak before the Board of Commissioners and <br /> the people who run the County. He is speaking today regarding Discovery Bay. Discovery Bay has <br /> Page 1 <br />