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<br />STATE OF WASHINGTON <br />County of Jefferson <br /> <br />AN ORDINANCE APPROVING <br />COMPREHENSIVE PLAN <br />AMENDMENT #02-246, THE <br />BRINNON SUBAREA PLAN <br /> <br />} <br />} ORDINANCE NO. 13-1213-02 <br />} <br />} <br /> <br />WHEREAS, the Board of Jefferson County Commissioners ("the Board") has, as required <br />by the Growth Management Act, as codified at RCW 36.70A.01O et seq., set in motion and now <br />completed the proper professional review and public notice and comment with respect to any and <br />all proposed amendments to the County's Comprehensive Plan originally adopted by Resolution <br /> <br />No. 72-98 on August 28, 1998 and as subsequently amended and; <br />WHEREAS, as mandated by the Growth Management Act, the Board has reviewed and <br /> <br />voted upon the proposed amendments to the County's Comprehensive Plan or "CP", and; <br />WHEREAS, the proposed Comprehensive Plan amendment known as MLA #02-246 [the <br />Brinnon Sub Area Plan] has been approved by the Board during the second week of December as <br />laid out in the County's Unified Development Code or "UDC," <br /> <br />The Board makes the following Findings of Fact with respect to this Comprehensive Plan <br />amendment: <br /> <br />1. <br /> <br />RCW Chapter 36.70A, et seq., also known as the Growth Management Act ("GMA"), <br />allows counties planning under the GMA to adopt subarea plans that are consistent with <br />their comprehensive plans. <br /> <br />Jefferson County adopted the current Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan August 28, <br />1998. The Comprehensive Plan has been amended since adoption. The Brinnon Subarea <br />Plan is the first subarea plan proposed to be included in the Comprehensive Plan. <br /> <br />On December 18,2000, Jefferson County adopted the Unified Development Code <br />("UDC") as the implementing regulations for the Comprehensive Plan. The UDC, as <br />amended, provides for the initial adoption of a subarea plan as an exception to the annual <br />Comprehensive Plan amendment process (UDC 9.3.1.b), in compliance with the GMA. <br />Amendments to the UDC can be considered at any time (UDC 9.9.1). <br /> <br />The Planning Commission recommended a Brinnon Subarea Plan to implement the <br />Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan goals, policies and directives to promote "bottoms <br />up" community planning and to increase economic development potential in South County <br />consistent with the rural character of the community. <br /> <br />2. <br /> <br />3. <br /> <br />4. <br />