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<br />'-..A../1VUVU001\....11'o/ 1..:..1\..0 11\..\....I\.....-1..:..1..:...LI.1.1 'O/VV l.VJ. <br /> <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY <br /> <br /> <br />r . Ci <br />,,):~ ( <br /> <br />Monday, Feby 2nd, 1942. <br /> <br />The Board of Jefferson County Commissioners met on the above named aate at the hour &f 10:00 A.M. <br />with all members present: Arthur C. Boren, Chaj.nnan- Hugh Nisbet and BertH Kruse, members. <br />The minutes of the Jany meeting were read and approved. <br />It being the time and place for the bids to be opened for lumber for the new snow creek bridge <br />The following bid.s were opened <br />Port Townsend Lumber Co, <br />Building Supply Co. <br />The bid for the lumber wlS awarded to the Port To\vneend <br /> <br />bid of $626.84 <br />II 631.90 <br />Lumber Co" <br /> <br />Welfare Administrator Miller appeared before the Board with a proposed new contract for medical <br />Care at the st, John'S Hospital and after careful consideration and a few changes it WaS deoided that <br />it would be signed upon presentation later when the changes had been m.ade. <br />A leUer was recdved from Mr. Kyle of the Department of the Interior regarding an early <br />settlement of the land acquired by t.l1e U.S. in the West End of t.l1e county and thanking the County <br />officials for their consideration and help in settleing t.l1e problem, <br />Mr. Arthur Gays appeared before the Board relative to the sundry scrap iron lying about the <br />country districts for salvage. The Board could do nothing inregard to the use of County trucks as <br />the fanners were to receive conpensation for the materials turned over for scrap. <br />Th;e Board adjourned to meet ago! on Tuesday, Feby 3rd, at 10 A.M. <br /> <br />Tuesday, Feby 3rd at 10 A?M. <br /> <br />The Board reconvened with all members present. <br />The revised. contract for the st. Jolm's Hospital was presented to the Board and signed, the main <br />highlights of sallle being as follows: <br />Classification A- For all Patients requiring emergent or continued hospital bed <br />Care as after surgery and serious illness, at the rate of $2.50 per day. <br />C1pssification C- Those patients suffering from chronic ailments requiring daily <br />dressings and other attendant services continuously over a period of more than one month, $1.50 per day. <br />~l~ Newborn babies during period of mother's co~finement at one dollar 0er day. <br />Sick babies at the rate of $2.00 per day. <br />SURGERY AND Xl}RAYS: The party of the first part agrees to pay as follows for the use <br />of the operating room and surgery: <br />Five dollars for all minor operations, such as tonsi11ertomies, oasts, removal of <br /> <br />sutures, etc. <br /> <br />Ten dollars for all major operations such as a9pendectamies, hernia repair, etc. <br />For use of the X-ray, the party of the first Part agrees to pay as follows: <br />. State rates for patients who receive medical assistance for the <br />aged under the State-wide medical fund. For indigent cases under care of the oounty physician, <br />payable from the three-mill fund. Five for the use of the X-ray, excepting for fractures <br />of extremitiee, which shall be $2.50 for each view. <br />BL\..'OD TRAliSFUSTOi'IS,SEH.lJ~S AND nmtAVENOUS HiJECrmNS. <br />$7.50 shall be total charge for use of surgery and services. <br />NURSD!G 16Cl!E CARE: rate $35.00 per month including $2.00 for replacements. <br /> <br />also <br /> <br />Pennission was given the Anny,. to place barbed wire entanglements on Block 43 of Montana Add. <br />on Blocks 3,7,8,9 and 108 and Lots 4 & 5 of Blk 1Q5. --Pettygrove ~st Add. <br />The Board adjourned to meet again on Wednesday, Feby 4th, at 10 A.M. <br />. Wednesda:r, Feby 4th, at 10 A.M. <br />The Board reconvened on the abo ve lIl8IIIed date and hour 'with all r1embers present. <br />The following reso1utioJ. was signed. <br />--B..~ SOL UTI 0 N To 01ym:pia. <br /> <br />WhereaS a statewide meeting of the County Com,.;issioners, Engineers and Welfare having been <br />called for Feby 5th &. 6th at Olympia, a.nd <br />WHEREAS it is deemed advisf.'b1e to "ttend this meeting <br />TI.!:'::P.rFORE BE IT SO ORDERED that the Board proceed to Olympia on the above named de tes and <br />at pub1io expense to attend the same. <br />The following bills against the county Vlere f1.K. 'd..BOARD OF SEF:;'ERSON COUlJTY Cmr.wrxxCGd.:reSIC'NER S <br />Current Elcpense 6;;'/1, I <br />II II Assistance Acct. ~4',c,~ <br />County Road 6690.41 <br />Attest: <br />P.K. Richardson, Clerk of the Board. <br /> <br />Arthur C. Boren, Chairman <br />Hugh Nisbet, I,iember <br />Bertil Kruse " <br /> <br />Mrs. Christensen of the State Welfare department visited the Contr'.issioners and discussed <br />county problems with the Board. <br />The Board adjourned to meet agamn on Monday, fpby 16th at 10 A.M. <br />Monday, F'eby 16th at 10 A.If.. <br />The Board re('onveened on the above named dE.te and hour with all ~,embers present. <br />RESOLUTIO~~ NO liB" JIll Signed: .. <br />WHE~ the hereinafter described warrants duly' {ssued in the p~st after approval by the Board <br />of Comn:.issioners for Jefferson County, stetc of W[lshinr,t.ol'., have never been presented to t!:e Treasurer <br />of said county for payment, and <br />WHEREAS the statute of limitations ~~S run on the ~irst six and cood reason for the cance11a.tion <br />of the other two has been shown, <br />IT IS H!,REBY RESOLVED AND ORDERED that the .f'(lllowing described warro,.nts are herewith cancelled, <br />and the Treasurer of this county is directp.c1 not to honor or pay them upon presentatiol'.: <br />Number DBte-I~f?~!..e..sL -1i1!:!!!.e_.._ _!>F;P.lil1J.__ <br />3964 Nov, 12, '31 S. Swanson $1.50 <br />1010 Oct. 18, '33 A. Semple 5.(1') <br />3551 Nov. 16, '35 G. Mantz 2.0'1 <br />3552 Nov 16 , '35 ,1, Daugherty 2.00 <br />3554 Nov. 16, '35 ;~. Larson 2.00 <br />3605 Dec. 2, '35 :',rs. :C, !\ich 7.50 All current expense fund. <br />The foJ.1owing on current expense assistance acct. <br />875 May 18, '40 Western union Tel Co <br />1440 Jany 2, '41 Clarence Konkle <br /> <br />Board <br /> <br />.30 <br />6.00 Dated Feby 16th, 1942. <br />of Sefferson Co Corr.i.:isdioners <br />Arthur C. Boren - Chairman <br />'-!ugh Nisbet, J.!ember- bertil Kruse, <br /> <br />Attest: P .;,1,. Richardson, Clerk of the Board. <br />SeA nFWEl ~ 10. <br /> <br />f <br />I <br />I <br /> <br />II <br />[: <br />~] <br />Ii <br />Ii <br />'I <br />I: <br />!I <br />:1 <br />II <br />I' <br />,I <br />II <br />'I <br />II <br />I <br />I <br />I <br />I <br /> <br />I, <br />Ii <br />[I <br />,I <br />II <br />il <br />II <br />,I <br />'I <br />Ii <br />11 <br /> <br />" <br /> <br />I <br />I <br />II <br />I <br />~\ember I <br />i <br />