Laserfiche WebLink <br />Jefferson County Treasurer <br />Stacie Prada, Treasurer * Sabrina Hathaway, Foreclosure Deputy <br />P.O. Box 571, Port Townsend, WA 98368 * (360) 385-9352 phone or (360) 385-9149 FAX <br /> <br />2017 Jefferson County Tax Foreclosure Information <br /> <br />Date: December 12 – 2017 * Time: 10:00 a.m. <br />Location: Jefferson County Courthouse * 1820 Jefferson St. – Port Townsend <br />Publication Date: August 23 – 2017 – The Leader <br /> <br />1. In 2017 the properties subject to foreclosure are those on which the 2014 full year tax is <br />delinquent. In some cases, 2014 or earlier taxes may also be delinquent. The grace period is 3 years <br />and the 2014 taxes will be 3 years past due on May 1, 2017. NOTE: It does not matter if the 2015, <br />2016 or 2017 taxes are paid or not. It is not when there are 3 years of taxes past due but when 1 <br />year tax is 3 years past due that foreclosure begins. <br /> <br />2. We do not maintain a mailing list to notify people of each year’s tax foreclosure. The <br />majority of people who ask for information never attend the auction or do any research once they <br />find out what is required and what is involved. Furthermore, people move without telling us and it is <br />a waste of county resources when the list is returned. Starting in late October, we will have <br />computer lists that anyone may access on the county web page. <br /> <br />3. We do not sell “tax certificates” or “deeds” of any nature. In some states you may purchase a <br />certificate of some kind showing that you paid the delinquent taxes but we don't have any <br />information on this procedure because there is no provision for it in Washington State law. <br /> <br />4. If you obtain a list from us for research purposes, remember that you will need to come into our <br />office periodically to delete those accounts that were paid since your list was printed. Due to the <br />volume of work this information will not be provided by telephone. Parcels may be redeemed from <br />foreclosure at any time up to the day before the auction, thus we do not know what will be in the <br />sale until the morning of the auction. <br /> <br />5. There is no redemption period after the sale except in cases where the owner on the day of the <br />sale was either a minor child or a person adjudicated to be legally incompetent. In those cases, <br />there is a 3-year redemption period. <br /> <br />6. As real estate taxes are in the first lien position, the tax foreclosure extinguishes all other <br />encumbrances including but not limited to Deeds of Trust, mortgages, contracts, liens, judgments <br />and any similar items. However, any Local Improvement Assessments (LID’s) remain and become the <br />obligation of the buyer. Also, Internal Revenue liens remain. <br /> <br />7. Parcels are sold in the same order as they appeared in the newspaper and in the computer list <br />mentioned in #2. <br />