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051 82[Icon] CRP #522; Striping of 89 miles of Road in Eastern County
052 82[Icon] Order; Budget Extension; Community Services
053 82[Icon] Request to Congress to Overturn the Boldt Decision
054 82[Icon] Appointment of Acting Prosecuting Attorney
055 82[Icon] Appointment of Prosecuting Attorney
056 82[Icon] Hood Canal Bridge; Recommendation for One-Way Toll and Setting of Fee
057 82[Icon] Funding Request to Washington State Interagency Committee for Outdoor Recreation for Off-Road Vehicl
058 82[Icon] Contract for Professional Services; Environmental Health Specialist from Kitsap Health Department
059 82[Icon] Order of Vacation; Alley in Plat of Irondale; Division Four
060 82[Icon] Placing on Ballot: Excise Tax for Funding 911 Emergency Telephone System
061 82[Icon] Establishing 1983 Budget Submissions, Hearings, Adoptions.
062 82[Icon] Budget Transfer; County Commissioners
063 82[Icon] Distribution of 1982 PUD Tax
064 82[Icon] Order of Vacation; Portion of Useage Right-of-Way, Dosewallips Road
065 82[Icon] Order of Vacation; Alley, Block 2, Olsen's Addition
066 82[Icon] Setting Toll for Hood Canal Bridge (joint resolution with Clallam County and Peninsula towns)
067 82[Icon] Budget Transfer; Planning Department
068 82[Icon] Order of Vacation; Alley in Block 83, Captain Tibbals Lake Park
069 82[Icon] Contract Extension; Omega Systems; IFMS System
070 82[Icon] Prosecuting Attorney's Salary, Balance for 1892
071 82[Icon] Budget Transfer; Sheriff's Department
072 82[Icon] Six Year Transportation Improvement Program 1983-1988
073 82[Icon] RID #2 Assessment Roll, Approving and Confirming
074 82[Icon] RID #2 Certification of Assessment Roll to Treasurer
075 82[Icon] Cancellation of Unclaimed Warrants
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