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126 82[Icon] Hearing Notice; Budget appropriation, Recreation Department
127 82[Icon] Budget Transfers; Auditor, Elections, Recreation, Solid Waste
128 82[Icon] Equal Employment Opportunity Policy (As applied to Contractors)
129 82[Icon] Voided per 11/1/82 motion (duplicates Resolution No. 123-82)
130 82[Icon] Disbursement of Federal Forest Monies (75% of 1982 funds)
131 82[Icon] Hearing Notice; Budget Establishment, Community Development Block Grant Preparation
132 82[Icon] Caine Short Plat Amendment
133 82[Icon] Order; Budget Appropriation: Recreation Department
134 82[Icon] Regional Council Redistribution of Funds
135 82[Icon] Order; Budget appropriation; Community Development Block Grant Application Preparation
136 82[Icon] Order to Vacate; Portion of Otto Street
137 82[Icon] Hearing Notice; Budget appropriation; Contribution to Fair Toll Coalition
138 82[Icon] Hearing Notice; Budget Appropriation; County Fair
139 82[Icon] Budget Transfers; Community Social Services
140 82[Icon] Budget Transfer; Central Services
141 82[Icon] Budget Transfer; Building Maintenance
142 82[Icon] Budget Transfer; Civil Service Commission
143 82[Icon] Budget Transfer; Planning Department
144 82[Icon] Order; Budget Appropriation; Contribution to Fair Toll Coalition
145 82[Icon] Hearing Notice; Budget Allocation; Peninsula Tourism Council
146 82[Icon] Order; Budget Extension; County Fair
147 82[Icon] Declaration of Election Results; J.C. Fire Protection District #7
148 82[Icon] Budget Transfer; Health Department
149 82[Icon] Non-Exclusive Franchise on County Road Rights-of-Way; Helen Dent
150 82[Icon] Non-Exclusive Franchise on County Road Rights-of-Way; Sunshine Acres, Inc.
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