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102 98[Icon] Vacation of a Portion of Bachelor Road; Jefferson County Public Works, Petitioner (Schaber Claim)
103 98[Icon] Creating a Collaborative Process to Draft Proposed Development Regulations for the Port Ludlow Mast
104 98[Icon] Updating the Management & Professional Pay Matrix
105 98[Icon] Adopting the annual budget for 1999 including the General Fund, Public Works, Special Funds, Jeffers
106 98[Icon] HEARING NOTICE; Proposed Budget Appropria¬tions/Extensions; Various County Departments and Specific
107 98[Icon] Adopting the Limiting Factor for the Jefferson County Road Levy
108 98[Icon] An Increase for the Jefferson County Road Levy for 1999 Taxes
109 98[Icon] Adopting the Limiting Factor for the Jefferson County Regular Property Tax Levy
110 98[Icon] Increase for the County Regular Levy for 1999 Taxes
111 98[Icon] Providing a Loan to the ER&R Fund from the Road Fund for Funding Supply, Transport, and Stockpiling
112 98[Icon] Order re: budget extension/appropriation from the unencumbered balance of the Jefferson County Equip
1998 Resolution List[Icon]
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