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<br />IlESOLU'nON NO. #- h I <br /> <br />WHEREAS a balanoe of 4112,616.83 was in the County <br /> <br />. <br />Road Fund On January 1. 1942, and <br />VilfEHEAS said balanoe wee not included in the County <br />R08d,Bu~g.t ~or 1942, aa adlpted by the Board of Oounty <br />Oommissioners, aDd <br />{d1;~HEAS IBid bala.noe shall be set aside i'oJ:' oans trution <br />al a supplemental budget to the 1942 road budget, <br />EE IT TllEliliE ORE RE~,OLVED that we the Board of County <br />Oonunis81oners do hereby d1rect that lob.e sum of ';;12,616.83 <br />be aet aside tor oonstruot10n purposes as 8. lupplemental <br /> <br />OOdge;a::dt:~0a4/;:; ::71~ 19'_ <br />~~-~ <br /> <br />A '1'1'ES '1,1: <br /> <br />UU"fd ..A"~ <br />Meniber <br /> <br /> <br />'>b~~~ <br />j.101'!l or <br /> <br /> <br />bGAHD OF' 0001'1:1"[ OOMMISSIONRRS <br /> <br />JEl',,:' ILnSON COUN'fY, WA~;:HING'l'ON <br />