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<br />Q. i/ SOL 1.fY T 10M <br />~i:._.....__~.....__......!!. <br /> <br />NO. <br /> <br />k3-b~ <br /> <br />.. ,LJ.U~Ju:; on or abm t the evening or n1@')lt at ApX'11 19. 1942, CJ""l^..{ <br />""li"t:\ Lewaroh root her death 1n the CountY' ot Jefferson, Stat;e ~ <br />Wash 1ngt;cn. an4 <br />,'i'r'E.HL1~iDavid E. l1.hea, Proaeoutlng Atton'ley and Coroner <br />of 1:f1.1d.~J~lftemon Ccn:m1',ijt ,iil\~'lh:1ne;:ttm. did, from. the o1rownstanoes <br />surroundin@; the death of t lIE)) Sfl,i d AlmA I.evva1"Ch 1'"eI),SQ.nably belie.... <br /> <br />thlSltthe said Alda .Lt'7waroh fat:l.Y 1 iCil VE;; !list her death by other than <br /> <br />lawful me ana. and <br /> <br />IHLH,~..AS in <br /> <br />SU,anoo of oonstitu.t1oual. tilty :tu.lly to <br /> <br />ic:.vCJst1f"ate 81J.011 J~'tters, said .David E. Hhea did emploY' one <br /> <br />,.: 111110' \.:i' It''"' <br />1.,0 ,) ..... l.:U . ""t <br /> <br />u ol'lmlnologist, to aBs1t in the 1rtVtHi;;t1gat1on <br /> <br />of suid. Of,UrJ.e and, OIl'J l)r. Cha:t'lc:s ,i. L{\l.fHXi.. a pathologist, to <br /> <br />donduot an ~HttO];1 <br /> <br />.>.....'1 ")f' ~', <br />, <,:i.~.~ \.. ''"~ b <br /> <br />J::. G, U <br /> <br />ax. u u11n1oal photographer, <br /> <br />to 'take certain pictures of certli.lln 00,<.((11 tions revealed b'T said <br />,.)" . J <br /> <br />autopsy t <br /> <br />IT L) 'j, <br /> <br />~{ <br /> <br /> <br />K tl.~ ~)(., l;\}.:'~ D <br /> <br />"'-""-\"". <br />.':1.:,.j 1i <br /> <br />irLD by the Board at <br /> <br />Commissioners of ~Jerreroon County. :';ushlugton tb t said eXl"end1- <br />tUr€l$ wer(" ~\\>'fu1 000 S i:n tu'rthera.l'lOe of' the duties of said <br /> <br />IroseciJ.tiJ:lg 'LttoI'r:l.e~r-Coronfj.,r; that l'ik:,id ail.oluilsta.fl.oes Gonst1.tuted <br /> <br />anerrtergerlOY f'Ol' the prfft sex'Vtlti, on of trle publiQ safety and welfare; <br />It is l"€lby declare(l that an f[;(~rgeruJY $xlst~ and tha\ upon pre- <br />$entat1on or pr ore rly (~::K60U:t eel 'iJ cu.ohars, the following sums fJJJA1 be <br />d1 t3bursed by the ~..\Udlt<r and 'J.:rtH'it1',Ter of ~le'fferson County,iiElSh- <br />iut:ton t to t ta following 111dlv1 duals: <br /> <br />Uollls T~. ,jJ'ultz-Cl:rrn.p1tl, ~,t\~s;hingtOfl .. CO> .. - ... -~rroO.OO <br />Dr. C 16, J."les Pl lA.rtaon...,i','acorna, ~Hl. .. .. .. .. .. .... 65.00 <br />l~. G. (, ",uooIila,. "!H:lh3.ngton - ... - - .. ... .... 281,lOO <br />