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<br />INITIATING RESOLUTION <br /> <br />ffiSOLUTION NOIf} 1 t <br /> <br />BEFORE THE BOARD OF COUN'rY COMMISSIONERS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY', ~JASHINGTON <br /> <br />In the matter of the <br />lIoG1Dnl. Road <br /> <br />Resolution to <br />Conatwet Road <br /> <br />IT IS HERLBY R~SOLVED by the Board of County Cormnissioners that it i,s their <br />intention to. Oon.truet the above named Road <br /> <br />Described as follows; <br /> <br />Beg1nning at the lnter.eotion of the East Quiloene and McGinnis <br />Road, thence in a Northwesterly direction a distanoe of approximately <br />one mile to the interseotion ot the Chimaoum-Qulleene Road located ' <br />in !tit. 2'7 Borth R~. 2 "illest, Project to be known as County Road <br />Projeot No. ~ 50 L.P. <br /> <br />BE IT F'URTHER :reSOLVED that for the foregoing there is hereby ap'Propriated <br />sums in the following detail: <br /> <br /> Gas Tax Funds B!!:1!.! st. Fund s Il9p.ati nn ~~.i2.' Total <br /> . <br />Loc. Engr. ~- $ $ $ <br />Right of Way ll)Qo.OO ~ <br />Items of Work 15OO.0Q <br />Const. Engr. <br />,Total $ $""",,-l~.QO $ $-1500, QO <br /> <br />This project is HEREBY DECLARED to be a public necessity and upon the ap- <br />proval of this resolution by the Directo r of High'~eys of the State of Wash- <br />ington the County Road Engineer is HEREBY ORDERED AND AUTHORIZED to report <br />and proceed ther~on as by law providedp <br /> <br />BE IT FURTffiR RESOLVED that this pr-oj\:3ct be prosecuted by Jetterson Oo~s <br />a County Road Pl'o3eot ~oject in accordance v':ith the Standard <br />Road and Bridge Specifications of the State of \Iashington. <br /> <br />ADOPI'ED this 10 <br /> <br />day of Augua t ,'. <br />-- <br /> <br />, 1942 . <br />- <br /> <br />~.. <br /> <br />/t~~ <br /> <br />J ,< <br /> <br /> <br />, County <br />Olerk <br /> <br />~,\.~ '-~).~ <br />Commissioner ' <br /> <br />By <br /> <br />Auditor <br /> <br />Constituting tho Board of County <br />Commissioners of Jefferson County, <br />Washington <br />