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<br />INITIATING RESOLUTION <br /> <br />W:SOLU'rION NO~ -; l <br /> <br />! <br /> <br />BJ3;FORE THE BOA1iD OF COUN'I'Y COIVJMISSIONERS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY'. 'VJASlilNGTON <br /> <br />In the matter of the <br />Ludlow Creek Bridge <br /> <br />Resolution to <br />Redeck the Ludlow Creek Bridge <br /> <br />IT IS HEREBY R3S0LVED by the Board of County Commissioners that it is their <br />intention to Improve. the above named Brlq.g~._ <br /> <br />Described as follows: <br />Redeck and repair the Ludlow CreeK Bridge, located on the <br />Shine- Port~,Ludlow roan, to be known as ~:oanty Road Project No. SM <br />No.4. <br /> <br />BE IT FUR~HER ri2S0LVED that for the foregoing there is hereby app'ropriated <br />s~~s in the following detail: <br /> <br />Loc. Engr. <br />Right of Way <br />Items of Work <br />Const. Engr. <br /> <br />Gas Tax Funds <br /> <br />$-""I";'t,~~._~- $ <br /> <br />* '1."',' " r!: . <br />1'4'00';W- <br />00.00 <br /> <br />B!!:.Q!st.:E'unds <br /> <br />DPn~tinn~~. Total <br />$ $- <br /> <br />--_._,.~ <br /> <br />Total <br /> <br />$ 1500.00 <br /> <br />f <br /> <br />$ <br /> <br />$ <br /> <br />This project is HEREBY DZCLARED to be a public necessity and upon the ap- <br />proval of this resolution by the Director of Highways of the State of Wash- <br />ington the County Road Engineer is HEREBY OHDERE;D AL'i[) AUTHORIZED to report <br />and proceed ther~on as by law provided. <br /> <br />BB IT FURT~ RESOLVED that this project be proseeuted by Jeff. Co. as <br />a County Special Maintenance, ,Project in accordance with the Standard <br />Road and Bridge Specifications of the State of \Jashington. <br /> <br />ADOPTED this 17 day of August <br /> <br />. 19E, <br /> <br />~~~ <br /> <br />Chairman <br /> <br /> <br />T~ <br />Commissio <br /> <br /> <br />~ -.\.~ \~ '-.\~. <br />Commissioner ' <br /> <br />By <br /> <br />Audi tor <br /> <br />Constituting tho Board of County <br />Commissioners of Jefferson County, <br />Washington <br />