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<br />RI.~O&UT!Qli NO: <br /> <br />9F~ <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />WHEREAS there is nOW' a road building project under way <br />under' county supervision in the western end of Jefferson County, <br />Washingtoll~ and <br />WHEREAS them 1 s a rather h1gh turn-over among the workmen <br />employed thereon~ and <br />WHEREAS this fact, when considered with the d1stances to <br />Port Townsend, the oounty seat, makes it most d1f:ricult to ar- <br />range tor prompt and timely payment of the workmen, and <br />WHEREAS the following arrangement is deemed by the Ccm- <br />missio.DB rs of Jefferson County most satisfactorily to solve <br />th1 s pro ble m, <br />IT I S BY TEE BOARD OE COMMISSIONERS of .TEFFEROON COUNTY <br /> <br />duly resolved and ordered that there shall be, and herew1 th 1s, <br />set up a revolving fund to be known as the West End Road Con- <br />struction Fund, and an amount of One T.nousand ($1000.00) Dollars <br />1s herewith apprd.:1ate.u:;m~~l1i~~'1..l!( and trans- <br />ferred to sa1d West 1L~/C~r~ bJ.". .. to be di sbursed <br />therefrom upon vouohers accepted andapproved by Leon Gould who <br />shall be the county's representative for the prompt and proper <br />administration of th is Revolving Fund 1n said West End. Amounts <br />so disbursed by sa1d Leon Gould shall be then reported to the En- <br />gineer and Commis s1 oners of Jefferson Ccnnty and funds transferred <br />to said West End Road Construction Fund to replace the amounts <br />thus expended. <br />IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED AND ORDERED that said Leon Gould <br />