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026 98[Icon] Support for Senate Bill 6325 Authorizing Four Foot Ferries and Shore Side Facility Improvements
027 98[Icon] HEARING NOTICE; Proposed Budget Appropria¬tions/Extensions; County Departments and Specific Other F
028 98[Icon] Creating a County Project Designated as #CR1306; Installation of Guardrail with Accessories; Dosewal
029 98[Icon] Creating a County Project Designated as #CR1307; Widen Road and Lengthen or Replace Three Culverts;
030 98[Icon] Accepting Bid for Work Release Portable for Jail Facility; Jefferson County Public Works Department;
031 98[Icon] Establishing a Cash Drawer for the Washington State University (WSU) Learning Center Program Fund
032 98[Icon] Encouraging and Supporting Employee Participation in Community Blood Drives
033 98[Icon] Creating a Jefferson County Lodging Tax Advisory Committee and Authorizing the Advertisement for Mem
034 98[Icon] Creating County Project Designated as RO1258, Bywater Bay RID
035 98[Icon] Proposed Budget Appropriations and Extensions; Various Other Funds (AuditorΓÇÖs O & M, Section 125 A
036 98[Icon] Decreasing the Balance of the SheriffΓÇÖs Revolving Fund from $5,000 to $1,500 - To be used for Conc
037 98[Icon] HEARING NOTICE, Intent to Establish a County Road; H.J. Carroll Park Road; Hearing Scheduled for Mon
038 98[Icon] Joint Resolution Initiating Watershed Planning for WRIA 17 per ESHB2514, Laws of 1998 with Clallam C
039 98[Icon] Accepting Bid to Modify and Expand the Existing Septic System at the Jefferson County Correctional F
041 98[Icon] Establishment of a County Road: HJ Carroll Park Road
042 98[Icon] Authorizing funding assistance for outdoor recreation or habitat conservation project. (grant applic
043 98[Icon] Establishing a Salary Schedule for the Elected Offices of Assessor, Auditor, Clerk, Treasurer, Commi
044 98[Icon] Establishing Two (2) Cash Drawers for the Washington State University (W.S.U.) Learning Center Progr
045 98[Icon] Updating the Official County Road Log to Include H.J. Carroll Park Road
046 98[Icon] Declaring an Emergency in Jefferson County - To all purchase of a replacement back up generator for
047 98[Icon] Establishing the Date for 1999 Budget Sub-missions, Review Hearings and Final Adoption
048 98[Icon] Cancellation of Unclaimed Warrants
049 98[Icon] Naming of a Private Road; Creek View Lane; W. E. Seton, M. J. Seton, Discovery Timber, Petitioners
050 98[Icon] Establishing the Elected Position of District Court Judge in Jefferson County as a Full Time Positio
051 98[Icon] Support of the Designation of the Hood Canal Coordinating Council as ΓÇ£Lead EntityΓÇ¥ Under ESHB 24
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