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<br />RESOLU1'ION No.R r/ 1 <br />County Road Project No. oa,-o-11 <br /> <br />BEFORE THE BOARD OF cODN'IY Cvl~!vIISSI.o:N:S:kS OF '.tte..._ COUNl'Y,WASE. <br /> <br />In the matter of Oak .., .... <br /> <br />) <br />) <br />) <br /> <br />Resolution to ...,.. <br /> <br />IT IS Hr.RE3Y RESOLVED BY ~F~ EOARD OF COUN1Y COl~~ISSIOllliRS thEt <br />iJe i3 their intention to N'fl.. GaJr "7 &oa4 1a Lot I. a...,. if_hip <br />.t, ..... _. 1 ..t" ..... ..PI'letas ., 1600 I.e. n. of n.- <br />1...'1_. <br /> <br />BE IT fURtHER RESOLVED that for the foregoing proper county road <br />purpose there is hereby appropriated sums in the following detail: <br /> <br />Ga s I'ax Funds <br /> <br />Rd.Dist.Funds <br />,;p <br /> <br />Donations~etc. <br />'iti $ <br /> <br />Total <br /> <br />Loc. Engr. <br />Right of Way <br />Items of Worl::; <br />Day Labor <br />Contract <br />Const. Engr. <br /> <br />'l'0'C a 1 <br /> <br />'if <br /> <br />'+I> _.- <br /> <br />MO.OO <br />to.W <br />....00 <br /> <br />_.GO <br />to.. <br /> <br />The county road purpose herein described is HEREBY DECLARED to be <br />a public necessity and the County Road Engineer is HEREBY ORDERED <br />AIm AU'l'HORIZED to report and proceed thereon as by law provided. <br /> <br />BE I'l' FURIEER RESOLVED that this purpose be performed by Jetf.UI'._ 0__ <br />in accordance with the Standard Road and Bridge Specifications of <br />t!oe Ste te ~ f VI as hingt, on a sadopted bY! ~oard . , . , ' <br /> <br />ADOP1'ED thlS ""1 day of ~ ' 19~ __ CV- ~ <br /> <br />Chairman <br /> <br />-~ bd~, <br />Commissioner <br /> <br />~~ne~~ <br /> <br />~~ng the Board of. <br />CO~llty cOIrJid,ssioners of <br />"'1'''''''' County, Wash. <br /> <br />SEAL <br /> <br /> <br />Attest: <br />