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<br /> <br />ee <br /> <br />ee <br /> <br />RESOLUTION No. 6,.) gfJ, <br /> <br />c - F~) <br /> <br />~EAS, it appears to the Board ot Couaty Commdssiomera <br />tor Jettersoa oount:rtrom the report ot the Oota":r Treasurer <br />that certaia tuads i. his ottice are dorma.t and iaactiTe aad <br /> <br />the purposes tor which created aO 10Bger required i. the publio <br /> <br />iaterest, .ow theretore <br /> <br />BE IT RESOLVED, the Treasurer ot Jetteraoa county be and <br />he is hereby authorized a.d empowered to make the tOllowing <br /> <br />transters upoa the books ot his ottice <br /> <br />From Q.UILOENE STRUTS to COUNTY ROAD the BUJR ot. 40.00 <br />From CURRENT EXPENSE ASSISTANOE to <br />CURRENT EXPENSR 371.61 <br /> <br />and the tiliag ot a certitied copy ot this resolutioa with sa14 <br />Treasurer shall be his authority tor makiBg said traasterw. <br /> <br />ADOPl'ED this 16th day ot J"8.Jluary, 1956. <br /> <br />BOARD OF OOUNTY OOMMISSIONERS <br />FOR JSON OOUNTY <br /> <br /> <br />rm.8.Jl <br /> <br />------ /' <br />/' <br /> <br />Clerk <br />