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<br />. <br /> <br />--. <br /> <br />-- <br />RESOLUTION NO.L- 7.5. <br /> <br />IT IS EEREBY RES<LVED BY TEE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISflIONERS <br /> <br />OF JEFFERSON COUNTY, WASHINGTON" in regular session assembled: <br />That it is the intention of said Board to construct a bridge <br />across the Portage Canal at the south end of Indian Island. The <br />said bridge to be near the northwest end of the canal. It is <br />further resolved that the County Engineer be authoriaed to obtain <br />permission for this work from the Corps of Engineers War Department. <br /> <br />Passed this 17th day <br /> <br />of Janua:q'j149. <br /> <br /> <br />d''1 a-U <br /> <br />~an. <br /> <br />ATTEST: <br /> <br /> <br />~a!o~er. <br /> <br /> <br />Constituting the Board or County <br />COmmissioners of Jefferson County. <br />Washington. <br /> <br />r - / <br />"~~// <br /> <br />r' <br />