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<br />RESOLUTION <br /> <br />. <br />~ - g-~"" <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />WHEREAS, the Board of County Commis~ioners deems it <br /> <br />necessary to construct rock jetties, bank protection and other <br />work along the Eastl bank of the Clearwater River one-half Ci-) <br /> <br />mile above its intersection with the Queets River in Sections <br /> <br />29 & 30, T. 24 N., Range 12 West, W.M. <br />WHEREAS, this work will consist of placing rock jetties aa <br />indicated on the ~icinity map attached. <br />NOW THEREFORE, be it resolved that said work be performed <br />by day labor or contract and that payment for said work will <br />be made from the Flood Control Fund Account of Jefferson County, <br />anticipating reimbursement of said river improvement of 50% or <br />more of the cost of said work from the State Flood Control <br /> <br />Funds'in accordance with Chapter 43, Laws of 1949, as amended, <br />said project to be designated as Flood Control Project No.5. <br /> <br />_.-/'" <br /> <br />, <br />/. <br />/ <br />/ <br /> <br />of the project is $ 32,499.50. <br />day 'Of~ 1949. <br />BOARD 01'1 C lTY C OMM ISS IONERS <br />JEFFERS 0 OUNTY, WASHINGTON <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />The estimated cost <br />Adopted this ~ <br /> <br />(SEAL) " <br /> <br />// <br /> <br />ATT1iST s: . <br /> <br /> <br />. 9-'~4~~-- <br />Member <br /> <br />,."'_ _..oil <br />