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RES OLUTI OV 10.A0 a 177, 4 <br />COUNTY h.JAD !?Ho�ECT E0, C- Std -•42 <br />IBr'ORE ' BE i�Oei1) JF COUNTY COE 1.1S10YEAS OF JEITEi {SUN CKETY, WASH, <br />in the nn tter of Center to ) Resolution to resurface said <br />Chimacum Road ) road <br />IT IS i ERE3Y RESOLVED UY THE huAhD M COUNTY CJP:i, ISSIoNEHS THAT <br />it is their intention to repair said road with selected roadway <br />borrow and to apply an oil surface. <br />IE Ii ?-JRT1.LR hE6JLVED that for the forcgoinj prooer county road <br />purpose there is hereby £p roprivtet suns in the following ntail: <br />Loc. En -r. <br />`fight of '4ay <br />tems of Work: <br />Day Labor <br />Contract <br />Const. Engr. <br />Gas Tax Funds Rd. Dist. Funds Donotions,etc. Total <br />ti <br />18,300.00 <br />Total � 18,300.00 <br />18.3Q0,00 <br />18"300.00 <br />The wounty ros.d ,purpose herein described is MAIM Di h"HED to be <br />public necessity- and the County .Road Engineer is HEREBY DRDARED <br />AID AUThoRIUD to report and procccd thereon as bV law provided, <br />DE IT YjR1fIER R SOLVED <br />that this ?urposc <br />be performed <br />by _,Day Labor <br />in accordance with. the <br />Standard hoed. c,rd <br />Lridac,Occifieat.ions of <br />the�State of Wnskington <br />by this <br />Board. <br />ADOPTED this Ay d. ^,te of 19� <br />`t.e:ir ,an <br />SEAL; <br />,Att s �G'or�zissioner <br />o u n t y <br />,.0 itor d £x- of'licio Clerk <br />of the AUG. <br />C nstituting the Board of <br />Tuditor. County Commissioners of <br />Jefferson Count;.0oshiniton <br />