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<br />JEFFERSON COUNTY RESOLUTIONS <br />1949 <br /> <br />C-70 CRP No. C-SM-35; Griffith Road Cattle Pass <br /> <br />C-71 CRP No. C-SM-36; Clearwater Bridge <br /> <br />C-72 Renew Jefferson County Airport Lease (Two Years) <br /> <br />C- 73 Emergency Budget Appropriation: Various County Departments <br /> <br />C-74 Cancellation of 1948 Personal Property Taxes <br /> <br />C- 7 5 Intent and Request Permission from Corps of Engineers War Department <br />for Construction of Portage Canal Bridge <br /> <br />C-76 CRP No. C-600-33; Irondale Streets <br /> <br />C- 77 Emergency Repair to Road Damage Due to Weather Conditions <br /> <br />C- 78 Execute Stockpile Permit; Washington State Department of Highways <br /> <br />C-79 CRP No. C-SM-37; Anderson Lake Road <br /> <br />C-80 CRP No. C-SM-38; Repair Winter Road Damage <br /> <br />C-81 Disposition of Counties share of Federal Forest Reserve to the County Road <br />Fund and the County School District <br /> <br />C-82 CRP No. C-SM-39; Port Ludlow to Shine Turn off Road <br /> <br />C-83 CRP No. C-SM-40; Chimacum to Beaver Valley Road <br /> <br />C-84 CRP No. C-SM-41; Chimacum to Beaver Valley Road <br /> <br />C-85 Flood Control Project No.5; Clearwater River (above Queets River) <br /> <br />C-86 Call for Bids: Asphalt Road Material <br />