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<br />TJ"8.o't Ho. 8'-141 <br /> <br />BIJPORI tBE BOAJll) or COUIft a0Mm8S IODIS <br />0' "...t08Olf aotJl'l'Y or t'nl S!A'fI or lfASHIIGTOI <br /> <br />In 1m. ...10... ot Dir..tine lxeout101l ) <br />) <br />of .. J)ud. to the United Statel of AIlor10a ) <br /> <br />RIISOW'tIo.-tf:i ~ <br /> <br />At a .otlng of 'the Bom of Oounty Oorilrd..ionerl of J.ff8rlon <br /> <br />Oounty, 8't&te of 1fa.hlng'ton. held on the/~c( daY' of ~ <br /> <br />. 1947. <br /> <br /> being pJ'e.eDt Lyle Arey <br /> <br />Chairman, and George Huntingford <br /> <br />ud <br /> <br />Tom Milroy <br /> <br />OQlllJJl,i. donel"'. <br /> <br />the following ro.01u'tlon wa. propOled., a800nded. and adopted by a vote <br /> <br />of a ajorl ty of lald Doanh <br />"lmER1AS. the Unit'" State. of .Amerioa, by and 'through <br />it. Do:nno'rille Power AdBdni.tra'bor. hal bargained tor a per- <br />petual ea.em,nt o~r and aoro..the following-de.oribed property, <br /> <br />the title 'to ...hioh i.-ye.teet in tJ.:rtel'8on Cou>>.ty, Washington, <br /> <br />and 11 being ,.old und.r oontraot to Galen B. liWe1"8tt, an un- <br /> <br />...1'1'1 eel mD, to-wi t. <br /> <br />.'fhat portion of the ntllt or Seotion 24. Towuhip 27 Borth. <br />Bange 2 ...t ot the "illamet_ Meridian, Jette1"l0n Oo_ty. Waah- <br />1.J!lg'tlon. d..lg_t.4 a. M...aor'. fa Le" 19 and aore partioularly <br />d..orl~'" a. tollon. .ogirmbg..t a po1at 423 te.t ..t a. 208 <br /> Worth ot the oomer of laid JIijrIt. thenoe Ba.t <br />165.5 teet, th.noe Worth 402.5 t..t, thence "..11 670.5, th.noe <br />South 368.5 thenoe Ia.t 21; teet. thenoe South 34.5 teet tie <br />the potat or beginning, ...hiob lie. ...ith1Jt a.... ~trip ot land aoo t..t <br />in wi4th, 'the 'boundarie. ot .ald .tnp l"s,. 50 t..t 41.tet ...ter1y <br />. tro_, and. 150 t..t diltant .....ter17 trom,eel parall.l 'to the au""Y <br />, liBe of 'the ahe1t.-PairJllouat 'tnnpiadon liD., a. Dft'o looated a. <br />ltat.. OD the CI'OUDd o....r. ae~", upon. and/or aeljaeent to the <br />abOTe d..erib" prop.rty. .ald IllI"'fV' line being partleu1ar1y d.- <br />.enbed al toll... <br /> <br />"DlgiDDing at IUJ'TOy .tatlon 1917 + 63.3 a point on the ...It <br />aM .....t quarter ...-tion 15.. ot S..tion 24. Townahip 27 .ortm. <br />Rangl 2 ....t. lfillamottl .eridian, .ald point 'being 8. 880 36' W. <br />a d.1a1laDoe ot 881.6 t..t tN. the quaneI' .eniOD oomer on 'the <br />...t 11M ot .aid a.ot1on 21.., then.. B. 33. 41' I. a db1:i&noe ot <br />246.5 teet 1:10 .,u....Y .tation 1920 + 09.6. 'theno. I. ,. 06' W.a <br />distanoe of 2452.3 teet to IU:rft1 atatioD 1944 + 42.1 a ~lnt .. <br />the north 11M ot .aid Se.tioD 24. .aid po1Bt ltes.zac S. ~ 57' W. <br />a d1.8tanoe ot 866.6 te.t trea 'the JIIOrth....1I oornel' ot laid S.otian 24. <br /> <br />to '" eonw,e-, to the Valt.. 8tatl. ot _erloa tor the as.... oonaldl""- <br />'tionot !HlR'tY DOLU. ('30.00)~ tor the PUrpoIl ot"Uot1q :j <br />