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<br />. . <br /> <br />RESOLUTION NO. C-IL <br /> <br />BE IT UNANlMOUSLY RESOLVED by the Jefferson County Board of Ccmm.issioners <br />that the Jefferson County Road Construction State Deve101JD.ent Fund be and the <br /> <br />same is hereby established. <br /> <br />BE IT FURTHER tTNANDlOUSLY RESOLVED that the St1Il of 16078.15 be transferred <br /> <br />to the said Jefferson County Road Construction State Deve10pnent Fund from the <br />County Road Fund. <br />BE IT FURTHER UNAND40USLY RESOLVED by said canmissioners that the sum of <br /> <br />$.30,100.00 allocated Jefferson County under the provisions of Federal Highway <br />Act of 1944 be, when the same are made available, placed in the said Jefferson <br />County Road Construction State Deve10paent Fund, otherwise referred to as <br /> <br />Project No. 26w2-J.64. <br />DJTEJJ this 7~Y of April, 1947. <br /> <br /> <br />~b~.. <br />K_r ~ <br />--U~~,* - - ... <br /> <br /> <br />:';''''.-..._~ ._--~~:~,;~~,,/~ ~ <br />