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<br />~ <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />e <br /> <br />RESOLUI,lIOJi <br />......---'------ <br /> <br />No. C-20. <br /> <br />WHEREAS the Board ot Count,. Oommissioners deems it <br />necessar,. to construot the following projectss <br /> <br />(I.> <br />l;'\i'-e"t <br /> <br />(2.) <br /> <br />'(3. ) <br /> <br />Channel change and bank protection of the Clearw <br />water and Queets Hi" vel'S in,Section~9~own8hiP <br />2~~Range I ~W.M., hereinafte~erred to <br />-~earwa~r Projeot No.1. <br /> <br />Channel Change and bank proteotion along the I r <br />Clearwater River in Section, 1- l,lown8h1p ':( <t ,.., , <br />Rangel J...JJ...,.-.., hereinafter referred to 'iit1ii <br />Clearwater River Jroject No.2. <br /> <br />Four hundred feet (4001) of bank protection and <br />removal of_ debris and ~"A}- from tb',..!9.h River in <br />Section ;~t lTown.hip~Range~Yl.M., her.- <br />inafter re erred to as Holl River Project No.1. <br /> <br />BOIl' THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED That 8aid work be done <br /> <br />b,. day labor and Ie ymen t for said work be made from the Flood <br />Control acoount of the Jefferson Oount,. River Improvement Fund" <br />8,S budgeted for maintenance of the Queet8, Olearw...ter and Hoh <br />Rivers and tributarie., anticipating reimbursement to said <br />River Improvement PUnd of 50~ or more of the oost of said work <br />from State Flood Control Funds in accordanee with Chapter <br />20., Laws of 19.1 as amended, said project to be designated <br />as State Flood Control Projeot No.1. <br />Estimated COlt $14,000.00 <br /> <br /> <br />adopted tbisd /~ day ot <br /> <br />ATTES'!: <br /> <br />,1947. <br /> <br />o OIDl'fY 0 OMMISSI ONERS, <br /> <br />.~f#rat::/n~ ~ <br />;___ /~/ .&1.,~ <br />itor and E<<- ~~-~ ~n1\ <br />lerk of the- --- . ' '", <br /> <br /> <br />'i/ <br />