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<br />JEFFERSON COUNTY RESOLUTIONS <br />1947 <br /> <br />No Number Agreement re: Clear Timber from County Airport Property; O.G. Mosley <br />(Voided by Resolution No. C-I) <br /> <br />No Number A <br /> <br />Agreement re: Management of County Airport; Alton C. Mosley <br />(Voided by Resolution No. C-I) <br /> <br />B-230 <br /> <br />Acquire Property for Completion of Memorial Park in Downtown Port <br />Townsend <br /> <br />C-l <br /> <br />Void Agreements: Alton C. Mosley; O.G. Mosley; Roy W. Hawkins and <br />Claude A. Gaines (dba Trading Post) for County Airport <br /> <br />C-2 <br /> <br />Acquire Property for Jefferson County Airport from War Assets <br />Administration <br /> <br />C-3 <br /> <br />Cancellation of Personal Property Taxes (Years 1938-1946) <br /> <br />C-4 <br /> <br />Emergency Budget Appropriation; Bonds and Insurance <br /> <br />C-5 <br /> <br />Setting Load Restrictions on Various County Roads <br /> <br />C-6 <br /> <br />Execute Agreement for County Airport Managers; Duane Clocksin and <br />Lowell Stickney (dba Peninsula Airways) <br /> <br />C-7 <br /> <br />Disposition of Counties share of Federal Forest Reserve to the County <br />Road Fund and the County School District <br /> <br />C-8 <br /> <br />CRP No. 85; Seven Sisters Road <br /> <br />C-9 <br /> <br />Lease and Permit to Stockpile Road Material; Washington State <br />Department of Highway <br /> <br />C-I0 <br /> <br />Establish Jefferson County Memorial Athletic Field State Development <br />Fund (Project No. 26-2-165) <br /> <br />C-ll <br /> <br />Establish Jefferson County Road Construction State Development Fund; <br />(Project No. 26-2-164) <br />