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<br />B-192 <br /> <br />B-193 <br /> <br />B-194 <br /> <br />B-195 <br /> <br />B-196 <br /> <br />B-197 <br /> <br />B-198 <br /> <br />B-199 <br /> <br />B-200 <br /> <br />B-201 <br /> <br />B-202 <br /> <br />B-203 <br /> <br />B-204 <br /> <br />B-205 <br /> <br />B-206 <br /> <br />B-207 <br /> <br />B-208 <br /> <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY RESOLUTIONS <br />1946 <br /> <br />CRP No. 74; Shine Creek Road <br /> <br />CRP No. 75; Coyle Hill Road Survey <br /> <br />CRP No. 77; Clearwater Road <br /> <br />CRP No. 78; Beckett Point Chevy Chase Road <br /> <br />CRP No. 76; Shine Road Cut Off <br /> <br />CRP No. C-9; Carl Johnson Road (Replace Wooden Bridge) <br /> <br />CRP No. C-600-31; Twiggs Road (Replace Bridge with Culvert & Fill) <br /> <br />Request to Acquire Airport Property to be Operated and Maintained for the <br />Benefit of the Public <br /> <br />CRP No. 79; Improve Streets of Port Townsend and County Roads <br /> <br />Prepare Sketch Drawing and Estimate for Portage Canal Bridge <br /> <br />Notice of Public Hearing for Emergency Appropriation <br /> <br />CRP No. 80; Coyle Hill Road <br /> <br />Request Cooperation with US Navy to Furnish Funds for Construction of <br />Portage Canal Bridge <br /> <br />CRP No. 81; Penny Creek Bridge <br /> <br />Transfer of Funds; Airport Survey Funds to Station Prairie Airport <br /> <br />Vacation of a Portion of Olele Point Tract <br /> <br />Establishment of Olympic Health District (Clallam & Jefferson Counties) <br />(Repealed & Replaced by Resolution No. 89-77) <br />