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<br />uaOLV-IZOl .O.&~~ 0 <br />Oount., Road Proj.., 10. " <br /> <br />.,i <br /> <br />BEFORE THE BOARD Of" COUNT! C,*.lS'10~ERS 01" nU<FER:::.OJ OOUln, "At~~ll. <br /> <br />In the lIletter of the Streets of ) R..o1\1t1on to 1Iaprove street..nd <br />Port Town,.nd and Oount., Boa.. ) 1'08_ .. <br /> <br />1'11$ hER'S.B1' RESOLVltD BY THE bOAhD OF CO"UIU.Y COJdXISSIOHEHS :t'hA'l' 1t 1. <br />tb4f. Intentl_ to apply. non-.kld ..01 aD4 11pt bltta1oou. .uriao. <br />tr..taent..the tollowlng at...te.o4 ~08d'l <br />01'" of' 'ort :l:ownas4 ~ <br /> <br />SberlClall AM J' <br />DlaoOY'.17 ......" <br />Lawn...--,t. <br />Plero. . <br />Pl1ltlo.. .. <br />Ta71.. .. <br />W.a.hilla"ODSt _ <br />Wate. at. <br />Qu1_7 .. <br />2tD4 .. <br />Wl11_ · <br /> <br />Jett...son <br />blat',: <br />8b..14an A, '. .:' <br />..hereon $',. <br />..ab1;:.a'~ a- <br />aenMlotSte. <br />.. tltt ."P18, 'V., <br />Ro.. . 8..ltat. <br />,," .U. St. <br />loater at. <br />MGUal., .t. <br />Tatt at. <br /> <br /> <br />Iron4e1. <br />liacllClOk B1ll <br />Paper Mll1 <br />We. t u... <br />Qull..n.S'....,. <br />Dabob <br />later St. (Uadlook) <br />W..t V.a. <br />Bow.a St. (Qll11opel <br />"0""'17 .Ioa4 <br />c",'.r,r" · <br />91_ aoed <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />BE IT F'Ull1tlER UESO(;,VED that tor tbe l'oregolng proper oamtl rOM <br />purpoa. there 11 herebJ appropr1ated I~ 1n the tollow1ng detel1f <br />01 ty of It.'. 818\1.., .' <br />G.s 'lex .Fu~ Port Town... :oeP.~_.' To'a~1 <br /> <br />Contreot j 20.9C!+.crr ." 8~e...OO J,HO,oq l....!!.a.!2!.t <br /> <br />Oonstr. lingI'. 1.001.71 11q.Q9 1.$1' .".1 <br /> <br />Total. J 21...911.'8 t'1.000.oq j 310.00 v. a9~16~.'1 <br /> <br />'the count1 road purpose herein 4esor1be4 1. liEhEbY DlCLAR.B1) to be a <br />pUblic n..oesslty ond the CO. UDt, n08dana1.D. ee, lsHERibYQIPl)J~D AHD <br />AUTHORIZED to report and proceed .'he.._ .'. 'bJ' 1.. proy14.. <br /> <br />BE IT. FURTJ<Eh .RESotVED that thl., pt.a.po.. to be, .,., C~nt,aol <br />1n aoool'danoe w1 th the Staodard Road 8ad Br1dse Sp"1flt)1l t'1~m. 0 <br />the stete of laablnaton 8S adopted bJthl. Boird.. <br />ADOPIJED'bhh 11 It. 4ay of <br /> <br />~~~ <br /> <br />Cba1Maa <br /> <br />-~o~ <br />d~~~-' <br /> <br />. COJ81a1u1 one I' <br />aon.~t1Af the aoar4 ot <br />OOQDt7 C_ .a10ner8 ot <br />Jet 1'el'sOl1 CO\Ult,-, ...hilap_ <br /> <br />'~l <br />SEAL <br />A.... t t <br /> <br /> <br />I .~ <br />.:- Cl} e ,;.) <br /> <br /> <br />. ) <br /> <br />r,;': luff' /'/ !~",-.;..( <br /> <br />/" <br /> <br /> <br />y~)), <br />~. i//~: <br /> <br />~ <br />