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J / <br />o <br />'Irwrlszer• Resolution No. <br />County Road Project No. <br />State ; ighrr«y Del;t. Job No. <br />TICLNSFER RZSOLUTION AND REZES'I FGfi THE DIHICT "OR Ow IiIGIiP lY.S <br />TO PEtiFOlUl CERTAIN 9IORK <br />Before the Board of Counter CoimriiGSi.oners of � + <br />Goun„y, r,a•_ zing,on <br />IT !21 HE :u BY RESOLVED, by the Board of County Coanissioners that the Director of <br />Highways is requested -.nd permitted to <br />to the ,'imO:lnt Gf_ nu <br />Dollars, being amount not in excess IC afiio--it of money now credited or <br />reasonably antic' -d t crue to County in the !Motor Vah3cl.e <br />Fund during the "' � _b onniu:. and <br />IT IS HEREBY FURTHEP SGLVED, that the State A ditor is authorized to reserve to <br />the credit of _ Coz ntv an :m )ur.t . ;G , to excee-1 the <br />above specified. sum for the use of the D�irtctor of "r.igi.<ays, and union presentatien <br />of a statement of coot, which includes all labor•, equipment, material, surcli,' <br />and engineering,_ the Director of Highways (a cop; of which ail; be sent <br />to a4 _ County nt r:_ eompl Lion of th� job) to the <br />State Auditor, the State Auditor iS c rectec dud zu+ o sized to transfer the above <br />metrtionea reser; :d credit from _ _ G,,unty to the credit of the <br />Department of Highways in accordance with Chu-Pter S2 Session La-e;s of 192,3. <br />i <br />ADOPTED this _da=r ofh Z� <br />SEA;, <br />Attest: <br />VG�at,ty <br />Auditor amch hIx offic,o/Clark of t'na "oard <br />JJ //y 5t <br />Auditor <br />Ghalrftun <br />i � r <br />�. e j" F,si "r Ny <br />,Cnsti I)tini; the BoLrd of Couni;,. <br />�,~. Gf1LTi ;'_8,�3 or.E•.rS OT_ _ <br />Co- lnty, Vashlnr ;Uon —` -- <br />