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<br />· RESOLUTION NO~ f)!f <br />County Road Project No. 8I-lIL <br /> <br />BEFORE THE BOARD OF' COUN'IY~CJIV~l\HSSIONERS OF ~ClJ CQUNl'Y,WASh, <br /> <br />) <br />In the matter of ) Resolution to <br /> <br />louth 8bo.. BopU1~ Bo&4) lap"" .... <br />It IS P.I;RE3Y RS3v:::',VED BY l'hE BOARD. OF' COVN:l:'Y COMMISSIONERS thE t <br />i'c iJ their intention to &Nut... ...\1_ ot trbe ..... IhoN <br /> <br />Iopus..l ...... <br /> <br />BE IT FUR1'hER RESOLVED that for the foregoing proper county road <br />purpose there is hereby appropriated sums in the following detail: <br /> <br />Loc. .Engr. <br />Right of Way <br />Items of Work; <br />Day Labor <br />Contract <br />Const. Engr. <br /> <br />'lOt ~n <br /> <br />Ga s 'I'ax Funds <br />:Jii <br /> <br />Rd.Dist.Funds <br />iP <br /> <br />Donations,etc. Total <br />~ $ <br /> <br />8Q9',OO <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />800.00 <br /> <br />The county road purpose hereindesoribed is .HEREBY DECLARED to be <br />a public necessity and the County Road Engineer is HEREBY ORDERED <br />AnD AU'I'HORIZED to report and proceed thereon as by law provided. <br /> <br />BE I'l' FURlhER RESOLVED that this pu;r;pose be performed by lette..., 0_. <br />in accordance with the Standard Road and Bridge Specifications of <br />the State~f Wa~rrgto~,"f~s ;;doPt}Si b::h~S Board. <br /> <br />ADOPTED thls~day Of(<<~ I': 19.!t~ '--'^ (L <br /> <br />t 'Chairman <br /> <br />- ~ ~J;,z:; <br />Comrnis s.. er <br /> <br />hi~ <br /> <br />SEAL <br /> <br />"----. /, <br />/ <br /> <br />Attest: <br /> <br />./ <br />'" <br /> <br /> <br />..........~~\~ <br /> <br />Commissioner . ~ ~ <br /> <br />Constituting the. Board of <br />Co...unt.Y Commissioners of <br />..t.~ County, Wash. <br />