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<br />R ! s .Q. !; UTI 'O!i NO · &. - )~ l <br /> <br />WHEREAS in the past, the Commiss ioners of Jefferson <br />County, 'vlashington have faif.-ed to pay into the Public Assis- <br />tance Account of the Current E:x:pemse Fund the tull amounts <br />due sai.d :E'und from the tv.o -mi 11 levy made on all taxable pro- <br />perty ~~thin the boundaries of said County, and <br />'\:BEREAS it has been st ipulated and agreed by and between <br />said Commissioners and Vern E. Graham, Director of Social Se~ <br />curity for the State ofWashj.ngton that the sum of $4000.00 <br />will be accepted by said De-partment of Social Decurity as <br />sett lement in full f or all sai d past unp aid sums, and <br />\~rll~AS the said sum of $4000.00 has been budgeted in the <br /> <br />year 1944 for the payment of said stipulated sum, <br />IT IS HERE\;ITH RESOLVED AND ORDERED that the said sum of <br /> <br />;;;;4000.00 he ret of ore budgeteQ. in the Current Expense Fund for <br />'the settlement of said claim be, and the same herewi th is, <br />transferred to tle Publi c Assistance Account of the Current <br /> <br />Expense Fund and shall thereafter be disbllrsed in the manner <br />provided by law and by the regulations of the State Director <br />of Social Secut:tty. <br />Dated this ~~ <br /> <br />day'of ~ <br />- <lL~ <br />C airman <br />~I I ~ <br />' I ~'t:I't. ~ - <br />/ Commissi on . <br />~ ~~~ \.~....~ <br />Co iss10ner' " <br /> <br />"t.----,.. <br /> <br />ATTEST: <br /> <br /> <br />Board <br />