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<br />RESOLU1J.'ION NO /-fJ <br />/ <br /> <br />WHE:REAS 1 t is to the best interests of the People of' <br />Jefferson Qounty that tr.1S Glen Cove-Po.per Mill Road be improved <br />undeI' the County hoaa Specit'ica'tions, and <br />WHERF;AS the public interests of' the People of Jefferson <br /> <br />County aemand. the Im.provement, and <br />WEEli.EAS the estimated cost of the project i8 ~750.00 <br />BE I'l' 'J.'LEREl<ORE RESOLVED that the Glen Cove-Paper Mill R.oad <br />be improved from the Nt NEi: Section 16.. 'l.'wp..30 N.H. 1 W. W.M., <br />at its intersection with the Glen Cove Road, ~enoe in an easterly <br />direction an approximate distance of 3000 feet to the intersection <br /> <br />w1 th the Paper Mill I"Otild.. s.s provided under the provisions of' <br />Ohapter 187, Session Laws of 1937, and Chapter 181, Session Laws <br />of' 1939, and that the sum of .~750.00 be set aside for the pur- <br /> <br />poses aforesaid. <br />Da tEl d this (1~-- day)~ ,9;./-=~ <br />" . ?"- <br /> <br />(' // <br /> <br /> <br />AftES1': <br /> <br />Member <br /> <br />~~~ <br /> <br />':J .) <br />,(///lt~~ <br /> <br />Clerk. the oa.. . <br /> <br />Board of' County Commtas1oners <br />J'effe:rson County, Washington. <br />