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<br />RESOLUTIOI" 1"0 I ~ 0 <br /> <br />WHEREAS, Mr. 14,. R. Woodaas submitted the plat of' "Seven S1sters <br />Beach", for approTe.l by the Board of CCnl1'ltl Oasmld.ssioners, the said <br /> <br />:,;f': , <br /> <br />flat comprising Lots 2, 3 and 4, o'~t$ec. 25, fwp. 28 i., R. 1 E., and. <br />WHEREAS, the land in question comprises, in part, a peninsula, <br />which is aecessible by boats, but diffieult of' aeeess by land,ud <br />WHEREAS, the construction of a road to the p:tepeZ't,. at the <br />p,t'esent time 1s bapraetieal, amet <br />WHEREAS if' any time in the future a demand. for a tn..ans of aeee.. <br />b" road to the llem.etii plat is made up,()n the Board. Of COUDty COtDJ;is.1Qaers, <br />"~ the Boar. ofCO'tUlty Commissioners shall clemaD" that the provisioD.s <br />as provid$d in Ghapter IV of Clu.pter 167, lesal.on Laws of' 1957, shall <br />De followed md that, that portion of SectiQ 10, Chapter IV relative <br />to the petitions securing the neeessary deeds and waivers ot d..age. <br />for the right of' way for the proposed road shall prevail, <br />BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the provision of Sec. B, Artiele <br />XIII of the platting regu,letions adopted by thtBO/l9.1'd of Count)' C.... <br />JlS.alsiQners on MarCh 9th, 1939, requiring a eorme>ct1on to an establ1'hed <br /> <br />t?oad, 1s hereby <br />Dated this <br /> <br />?~dqP <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />*..h....~.~.~ <br />a&er ' ~ <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />Beard .et C ollnty C GBml1s s 1 one l"s <br />Jefferson Oounty, Was41nctoll.. <br />