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<br />.. <br />, ' <br /> <br />RESOLUTIOI BO.1l3 I II:?; <br /> <br />WHEREAS, dur1ng the year 1943, Jetter.on Oounf;J' Oo.s,8,ioners <br />entered into an agre..ent with the United Stat.. Forest Serv10e to <br />Gonatruct aoee.. roada in We.tern Jetterson o ountJ' I aad <br /> <br />WRERBA8, .uoh .ork was tinanced b7 tbe Federal Govel'mllent, <br />relllburaing the Oount,. ot Jetterso11 tor auohe.xpeD41tur..,aad <br /> <br />WBERBAS, .retter.on Oount7 waa 111 reoe1ptot an ..aunt ot <br />lIIOn1.. 1n rental of OountJ' owned .qu1,.ent to the Pede ra 1 Govem-- <br />ment tor ..ark pel'toft1e4 on aa14 proJect, ... <br /> <br />WBBRJU.S, duma tale year 1941 It ..a. to1U1d M~.,a1'J to per- <br />t01'll Speoial lIaintenano. work, not antiolpated in l"~ due to war- <br />t1ae condi tiou , aJJ4 ,iji , <br /> <br />1IB.EBEAS, ..tnt.unoe co.ta on the Hoh River Road and. the <br />Que.t. III vel' had. .ere be70n4 expeotatlons, due to heaT1 log tJ'Uck, <br />haullng, aDd. <br /> <br />WBBRJU.S, all ..1n1;4nl&noe co.t. over an4 above 0~1'1 main- <br />tenanoe reimb\tllaed to the OOllllt,.by the u. S. Pore.t Servloe <br />and the Public aoacla A_tnlatrat1an, aDd <br /> <br />WBBRJU.Si due to an unpreoe"t.e4cou.atl'llet1on and ...inteDanee <br />progl'U1, due to want_ condlt1ons, 1.t...'J to uke the <br />tollowll1i budget chuge.. <br /> <br />Road Dletrlct FUnd. <br /> <br />Jlalntenanoe <br />Labor <br />Materlal. <br />Supplle. <br />Bqulpmenti:llental <br />Equl~ent aepalr <br />Ind. Ins. . Med. A1d <br />Superlnten4tmee <br />01.1'10al <br /> <br />'rotala <br /> <br />Speclal Maintenanoe <br />Labor <br />Mater1al <br />Supplle. <br />Bqulpaent aental <br />Equlpaent aepalr <br />Ind. In.. . Meel. Aid <br />Superintendenoe <br />Olerloal <br /> <br />.9,620.88 <br />218.&1 <br />1,170.00 <br />3,959.t8 <br />...."1 <br />Ha.H <br />10.0& <br />$1.95 <br />.15,897.$3 <br /> <br />. 1,720.63 <br />822.0$ <br />....a <br />1,201.06 <br />89.". <br />108.60 <br />82.82 <br />137.00 <br /> <br />. 4,611.70 <br /> <br />-1- <br />