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001 69[Icon] Authorize Public Hearing on County City purchase of
002 69[Icon] Change in drainage easement from lots 41 and 50 to lots 42 and 49, Area No. 2, Plat of Port Ludlow N
003 69[Icon] CRP No. 310; Thorndyke Road, County Road No. 9; Construct Extension
004 69[Icon] Lyall Arey Given the Last of the Spittoons or Gaboon upon his Retirement
005 69[Icon] CRP No. 296; Oak Bay Road County Road No. 10
006 69[Icon] CRP No. 301; North Leland Road County Road No. 31
007 69[Icon] Jefferson County Road District No. 2 Dissolved and Entire Territorial Limits of Jefferson County Des
008 69[Icon] Authorizing Jefferson County be included as plaintiff in suit by Washington State for damages due to
009 69[Icon] Authorize Jefferson County Engineer to Negotiate Contract with J D Shotwell Company for Asphalt Road
010 69[Icon] Policy of County Road Department relating to Personnel practices, organization and complaint policy
011 69[Icon] CRP No. 313; Linger Longer Road, County Road No. 28 Engineering on Proposed Bridge
012 69[Icon] Number Not Used
013 69[Icon] CRP No. 307; Port Ludlow to Paradise Road, County Road No. 6, to improve by constructing and extensi
014 69[Icon] CRP No. 312; East Marrowstone Road, County Road No. 2
015 69[Icon] CRP No. 314; Quilcene Center Road, County Road No. 18
016 69[Icon] CRP No. 315; Various County Roads in Eastern Jefferson County, Bituminous Seal Coat
017 69[Icon] Agreement (contract) to perform certain maintenance and repair on City of Port Townsend Streets
018 69[Icon] Adopt and Establish a mental health program as contemplated under Chapter 71.24 of the Revised Code
019 69[Icon] Number Not Used
020 69[Icon] Due to National Four State declared day of National participation in recognition of Apollo 11 moon l
021 69[Icon] Bond Jefferson County for $150,000.00 to construct and install necessary Capital improvements to exi
022 69[Icon] Hire Bond Counsel Preston, Thorgimson, Horowitz, Starin and Ellis
023 69[Icon] Jefferson County Fair loan
024 69[Icon] Juvenile Court Probation Services
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