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<br />RESOLUTION ,..~~..s - j'~ <br /> <br />This matter coming on to be heard this day upon the County Road Engineer's <br />report with respect to the vacation and abandonment of the following described <br />county road, and it appearing to the Board of County Commissioners that notice <br />of hearing upon said Engineer's report has been posted and published for the <br />time and in the manner provided by law, proof of such posting and publication <br />being now on file herein, and said Board having proceeded to consider the <br />report of the Engineer, together with the other evidence adduced, and being <br />fully advised in the premises, does now find and determine <br /> <br />(1) That portion hereinafter described is not useful as <br />part of the County road system, <br /> <br />(2) That the public will be benefited by the vacation <br />thereof, <br /> <br />NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, AND IT IS HEREBY ORDERED THAT <br /> <br />All that portion of the Old Dabob Road, County Road <br />No. 16-2.37, between County Road No. 16 and County <br />Road No. 18-5.29 lying in the NEt of Section 29, <br />T. 28 N., R. 1 W.W.M. <br /> <br />BE AND THE SAME IS HEREBY VACATED AND ABANDONED. <br /> <br />Adopted this <br /> <br />17th day of January, 1972. <br /> <br />/' <br /> <br />BOARD OF JEFFERSON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> <br />- ~ f <br />(1, (. (/JMAAA~ <br /> <br />ChaJ.r1Dan ' <br /> <br />,...."'\ <br /> <br />Mei:rCY/,- / <br /> <br />i'<'>~/ ~;. ,.:~>:f ) <br />..' ..' / /~,t.'-JU.v~,V~",- J <br />(,. ~ J;t7 <br />V ;I <br />(;~.\ . vi <br />j \ /,." ) <br />. 'I", (' (/ (' <br />..../1 ..../-A~ <br />-, / <br />-'-- I- <br />-, <br />"- <br />'-, <br />'- ------.., <br /> <br />') " '., <br />l. \) n/l~,.{ <br />Member <br /> <br />SEAL <br /> <br />ATTEST: <br /> <br />