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<br />"t~<^' , <br /> <br />RESOLUTION NO.~/ 0 <br />To Ol~npia, Wash. <br /> <br />WHEREAS a meeting is to be held in Olympia on Monday, April 14th <br /> <br />under the sponeerchip of the state Division of Forestry and the coperation <br /> <br />of the American Legion- and <br /> <br />WHEREAS the Comrnissioners of Jefferson County feel that Jefferson County <br /> <br />being x interested in the forest area, and the protection of the s~me and this <br /> <br />meeting is for the purpose of KEEPING VvASHDTGTON GREEN <br /> <br />THERE BE IS IT R.BSOlVED that the Board proceed to Olympia on the above <br /> <br />mentioned date and at public expense to attend the sAid meeting. <br /> <br />Atte~ <br /> <br /> <br />1.; 1. erl <br /> <br /> <br />the Board. <br /> <br />BOARD OF EFFERSON COmny COAlvI lSSIONERS <br />,~ <br />/..-\, <br />a, ) e-J<'~_^:",,~----' <br />Chairman <br /> <br />7L 4,"1;:,;':; <br />~~ \$.-~~ i~ <br />merrrber <br /> <br />