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<br />JEFFERSON COUNTY RESOLUTIONS <br />1941 <br /> <br />#189 Reimburse Road District No.1 from the Public Park Quilcene Current <br />Expense Fund <br /> <br /># 190 Vacation of a Portion of Keymes Road <br /> <br />#191 Hearing Notice re: Vacation of Stevens Avenue and Fifth Street in the Gise <br />Addition <br /> <br />#191 or 195 Jefferson County Agricultural Agent Mileage Reimbursement; $25.40 <br /> <br />#192 No Resolution <br /> <br />#193 Proceed to Olympia to Meet with various Commissioner Bodies, Engineer <br />and Welfare Officers (at Public Expense) (1/17/1941) <br /> <br /># 194 Declaration of a County Park; Mystery Bay to East Beach Road <br /> <br />#195 or 191 Jefferson County Agricultural Agent Mileage Reimbursement; $25.40 <br /> <br />#196 <br /> <br />#197 <br /> <br />#198 (A) <br /> <br />B-Ol <br /> <br />B-02 <br /> <br />B-03 <br /> <br />B-04 <br /> <br />B-05 <br /> <br />Un-disbursed Balance Remaining in County Property Budget <br /> <br />Budget Appropriation; Commissioners Budget <br /> <br />Acquire by Condemnation Certain Jefferson County Property by the United <br />States of America Cause No. 292 <br /> <br />CRP No. 33; Improve Keymes Road <br /> <br />CRP No. 34; Improve Olympus Beach Road <br /> <br />CRP No. 35; Improve Certain Streets, Port Townsend <br /> <br />Assign Interest of Lower Hoh Road and Queets River Road to the Olympic <br />National Park and Queets Corridor and Coastal Strip by the Department of <br />the Interior <br /> <br />Budget Appropriation: Sheriff s Office <br />