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001 94[Icon] The Statutory Vacation of An Alley; Plat of Eisenbeis Bay View Addition; Miles and Barbara Soskin
002 94[Icon] Hearing Notice; Emergency Budget Appropriations/Extensions; Various County Departments; Hearing set
003 94[Icon] 1993 Budget Transfers; Various County Departments
004 94[Icon] Cancellation of Unclaimed Warrants
005 94[Icon] Release of Oil and Gas Rights for Property in the West End of Jefferson County
006 94[Icon] Adopting An Administrative Manager Salary System
007 94[Icon] Statutory Vacation of A Portion of Phillips Avenue and Louisa Street; In the Plat of Phillips Bay Vi
008 94[Icon] Establishing the Prosecuting Attorney's Salary for 1994
009 94[Icon] Adopting a Policy to Ensure Equal Opportunity in Housing for All Persons
010 94[Icon] Calling a special meeting of the Board of Commissioners and setting a hearing for the Boling franchi
011 94[Icon] 1993 Budget Transfers; Jefferson County Sheriff's Office
012 94[Icon] Increasing the Petty Cash Fund for the Health and Human Services Department; Increase by $20.00 for
013 94[Icon] Statutory Vacation of a Portion of Alder Street in Irving Park Addition; May Rashoff
014 94[Icon] Budget appropriations/extensions various County Departments
014A 94[Icon] Changing the name of a Private Road; Marina View Drive and Harbor Drive to Heron Road
015 94[Icon] Adoption of the Ludlow Watershed Action Plan
015A 94[Icon] Changing the Name of a Private Road; Marina View Drive to Gull Drive
016 94[Icon] Establishing the Larry Scott Memorial Park Advisory Committee
017 94[Icon] Increase in the Rate of Pay for Precinct Election Officers and Pre-Inspection Board Workers (RCW 29.
018 94[Icon] Granting Non-Exclusive Franchise on County Road Rights-of-Way; Sam Boling
019 94[Icon] Revising a County Project #TS0893; Transportation Element of the Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan
020 94[Icon] Revising County Road Project #CR0953; Chimacum Road Improvement
021 94[Icon] Reimbursement for Use of Personal Vehicles; Adding the Director of Community Services
022 94[Icon] Establishing A Capital Facilities Project Team (Advisory Board)
022A 94[Icon] Establishing an H.J. Carroll Park Advisory Committee
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