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<br />. . <br /> <br />Commissioners' Meeting Minutes: Week of ,June 12, 1989 <br /> <br />Page: 2 <br /> <br />CONTRACT re: Purchase of Horizontal Baler Packaae: Weverhaeuser: <br />Commissioner B. G. Brown moved to approve the contract with Weyerhaeuser for <br />the purchase of a horizontal baler per bid awarded previously. Commissioner <br />Dennison seconded the motion which carried by a unanimous vote. <br /> <br />Reauest the Name of Port Hadlock be Used in Future Sians. MaDS and <br />Other Official Documents: TrlArea Business Club of East Jefferson County: <br />Gary Rowe read the letter from the President of the Tri Area Business Club <br />of East ,Jefferson County requesting that the name of Port Hadlock be restored <br />to Hadlock for use in signs, official documents and maps. Gary Rowe reported <br />that the Board has the authority to change County geographic names by <br />adopting a resolution to that effect. <br /> <br />Meetings have been held with business representatives from the Hadlock, Tri <br />Area, and Port Ludlow communities, Gary Rowe further reported, and the Board <br />will have to make some decisions regarding sign designations off of State <br />Highway 104. The original plat for Hadlock says "Port Hadlock". Commis- <br />sioner B. G. Brown stated that he feels that public input is needed on this <br />issue before any action is taken. There are many people that live in Hadlock <br />that are not in business and this would mean that their addresses would have <br />to be changed. The Board concurred that a public meeting be held on this <br />request. Gary Rowe will make the arrangement for a public meeting. <br /> <br />Memorandum re: Petition for County Maintenance of South SandY Shore <br />~: A petition was received from property owners along a portion of the <br />south Sandy Shore Road located from State Highway 104 to the Dabob Coyle <br />Road, asking that the County do more maintenance on the road, Gary Rowe <br />reported. The records were researched and it was found that this section of <br />road was never established as a County road. The adjacent property owners <br />will have to maintain this road. The Board directed the Public Works <br />Department to advise the petitioners of this information. <br /> <br />FACILITIES MANAGEMDT <br /> <br />Parks Board Recommendation: Gibbs Lake and Bruce Marsten re: Gibbs <br />Lake Issue: Bruce Marsten reported that last week a television news story <br />was done with Scott Miller of King 5 News. It was stated in that report that <br />Mr. Manke is looking at a possible land trade and if that doesn't happen the <br />timber would be harvested from the property and the land subdivided and sold. <br />This conversion was not stated in the Forest Practices application to the <br />State Department of Natural Resources. Mr. Marsten reported further that he <br />has not had any success getting any information about the sale from the Boy <br />Scouts in Seattle or Texas. Discussion ensued regarding the. actions of the <br />Boy Scouts with regard the Gibbs Lake land and the land they own in the City <br />of Port Townsend. <br /> <br />Gary Rowe reported that he has contacted the State Department of Natural <br />Resources and Manke about the possibility of a land trade, but nothing has <br />happened yet. <br /> <br />Carter Breskin read a letter from the Parks Advisory Board which recommends <br />that the County purchase the Gibbs Lake property for a park. Rick Tollefson, <br />Chairman of the Parks Advisory Board was present to answer any questions from <br />the Board. The Parks Board would I ike to discuss the opt ions for the <br />purchase of this land, Rick Tollefson stated. The Board will meet with the <br />Parks Advisory Board at a later date regarding this issue. <br /> <br />Environmental Review: Port Townsend Communitv Center Project: <br />Carter Breskin reported that the State Department of Community Development <br />changed the category of this project and all that is necessary is approval <br />of a categorical exemption. The reason that the project is exempt is "that <br />the facility or improvement replaces or upgrades existing facilities or <br />improvements with only minimal change in use, size, capacity or location, <br /> <br />. VOL 15 fAG~ 00 2901 <br />