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001 04[Icon] Establishing the Prosecuting AttorneyΓÇÖs Salary for 2004
002 04[Icon] Granting a Non-Exclusive Franchise on County Road Rights of Way to Maintain a Water System (Mats Mat
003 04[Icon] Vacation of Alleys in Blocks 144, 154 and 157 in the Plat of Irondale; Eagle Eye Inc., Petitioner
004 04[Icon] Creating a County Project Designated as CR1671; Improvements to Old Tarboo Road; Replacement of Exis
005 04[Icon] Finding and Determination: Declaration of Surplus County Person Property and Authorization for Dispo
006 04[Icon] Establishing a Drug Investigation Fund for SheriffΓÇÖs Office
007 04[Icon] Establishing the AssessorΓÇÖs Plat of NicholsonΓÇÖs Irondale Reservoir Addition
008 04[Icon] Building Access for County Employees at the County Courthouse
009 04[Icon] Re-establishing Jefferson County Cash Drawer, Petty Cash Account & Revolving Fund Amounts in Various
010 04[Icon] Standard Vacation of an Alley in Block 132 in the Plat of Irondale No. 5; Gilbert Kellmer, Petitione
011 04[Icon] Changing a County Road Name From Sam Land Lane to Whitetail Lane; Robert & Judith Whitehead, Leroy &
012 04[Icon] Assigning Priority to Projects for Jefferson County to the Washington Community Economic Revitalizat
013 04[Icon] Adopting a Policy Regarding Privacy of Health Information under the Health Insurance Portability and
014 04[Icon] Hearing Notice: Proposed Budget Appropriations/Extensions; County Funds; Hearing Scheduled for Monda
015 04[Icon] Application for Funding Assistance for the Washington Wildlife & Recreation Program (WWRP) to the In
016 04[Icon] Assures and Certifies Compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for Community Develop
017 04[Icon] Authorization for Real Property and Improvement Transfer; CDBG Grant Compliance; Child and Family Re
018 04[Icon] Order: Budget Appropriations/Extensions: Various County Departments and Specific Other Funds
019 04[Icon] Providing a Positive Cash Balance for the Watershed Fund
019A 04[Icon] Agreeing to Pay Any Punitive Damages that Might be Awarded Against Certain Commissioned Law Enforcem
020 04[Icon] Naming a Private Road Country Meadow Road; Marshall and Bonnie Walters, Malcolm Ottaway, Kim Clemons
021 04[Icon] Vacating a Portion of an Alley Located in Block 140, Plat of Irondale; Gary & Colleen Jensen, Petiti
022 04[Icon] Establishing the Date for 2005 Budget Submissions, Review Hearings and Final Adoption
023 04[Icon] Reimbursement to Certain County Officials for Use of Personal Vehicles (Repealed and Replaced Resolu
024 04[Icon] Vacation of Unnamed Road Lying South of Lot 10, Block 2 in Trails End Homesites 4th Addition Volume
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