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<br />RESOLUTION <br /> <br />'b ~- c?f6 <br /> <br />Granting of Franchise to Mason County PUD No.1. <br /> <br />~1mHEAS atter due apr1ioat1onj notice and hearing according to <br />If;iw, 1t appears that the publio convenience and necessity will be served <br />by the granting of a franchise to the Mason County P.U.D. No.1 <br />NOW THEHEFO~, BI~ IT RESOLV'J:!i D that a franohi se tor a period of 35 <br />years be granted to the MASON COUNTY P.U.D. No.1 to oonstruot, opera'be <br />and maintain power lines along the full length of the following roads <br />in Jefferson County: <br />Duokabush Road, Black Point Road, Dosewallips Road, Bee Mil~ <br />Road, Britt's Road, and Old Olympio Highway through Brinnon with the <br />right to trim trees along said roads for both construotion an4 ma1n.ten- <br /> <br />anOe purposes. <br />It is understood that in the event that a road i8 changed to a <br />new location, pole lines which interfere will be moved by the district <br />on thirty days notice to a location satisfactory to the County Engineer. <br />Pole lines will be oonstruoted not more thall si% teet from the edge <br />ot a right of vey or so o~nstructed as not to interfere with the main- <br />tenance ot a county road. <br />Before any new pole line 1s oonstruoted, the County Engineer should <br />be notified as to suoh construction so that any ohangErs desired by him <br />tor the be net i t of theebWlt:r oa.o. be incorporated therein. <br /> <br /> <br />No person appearing against the granting of the above franchise. it 1s <br />theretore granted as of this date. <br />Signed this 21st day ot October,L}.946. <br />,~-- '''- <br />~ar~ o~. .Te~~erson ~, ' ,ty commis,~ioners <br />~ ,VL- (!k!?:;.~irman <br /> <br />;;X<~ - :::: <br /> <br />Board. <br />