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<br />RESOLUTION NO. C-522 <br /> <br />Resolution pror.Ld1ng fat' inerease in Pl.armed total. e~nditure for capital improvemenh <br />projects. <br /> <br />v1hereas I under the terms of Pt.tblic Law 87-658, approved Sept;ember 14, 1962, the United <br />States of America has author:bed the making of grants to aid in financing construction <br />of public warka projects pt'OVided the proposed at' Planned total e:x; <br />of the PUbJ1c boctr fat' its captt;! impr~ projects is increased by an amount <br />appro.ximateJ;r equal to the non-Federal funds required to ean.p1ete such public worm <br />projects. <br /> <br />Now. 'rherefO%'$, Be It Resolwd By The Board of Co\11thy COJlIltt.ssioners <br /> <br />1. That as at the date of filing of an application 1:{y Jef:terson Oo'W'tt,y, State of WISh. <br />(hereafter called Applicant) with the .Houa1ng and Haue Finance Agency, United States <br />G~nt. fer a vant to aid in J.'lluanc1Dg the C~ion at TOl,er Creek Bri~ <br />' the Applicant had a capital improvements plan or capital improvene . "" <br />b-..tdgei; :Por the fiscal year Or years during which construction of the proposed pro_ <br />ject is expected to <>eeurJ and that the total for capital ~vVelllentlJ <br />in said plan or bu.dgt,t was $ In. 996,6(far the fiscal. J'"ew." ending 12-31-02 and <br />$ 1s'9,Sh~~61 for the fiscal year ending 12-31-63 . <br /> <br />2. 'l'hzt, in the event; that said. Federal gnplt is aPP1~ved br the United States of <br />America, said capital im~nents plan or capital budget w:Ul be (is hereb.v') <br />(~ . \ <br />increased 'by ";0 ll~250.oo for the fiscal.year ending J.2-.ll-62 and $ <br />for the fiscal year eild:irig S-63 ~or a total increase 7. ~, ll25~ <br />proposed or pl&med total e . far capital i!11provement projects (exclusive <br />of Federal t'tmds). <br /> <br />3. That said incre.e in the proposed or Planned total expenditure for capital ~_ <br />mem projects is appro:x:i.ntate~ to the DOn-Federal .f\mds required to canplete <br />the public works project for which the application is to be submitted. <br /> <br />This reaolu:tion is adopted pl11"'S'Uant to the authoritY' proTided b,y <br /> <br />DATEJll this <br /> <br />day of Nov., 1962 <br /> <br />R. c. -~l 0 35.ho.JJlo . <br />. <br /> <br />BOARD OF COU}\J'T'1 CONJ:'IISSION"ERS <br /> <br />SEAL <br /> <br />1\:). . <br />~ ~k"")-> ~ ~ 'j, \~~ ). \. ~~. Chairman <br />/~;~~ <br />-" / /- <br />d<;' t{.{.<- l.t.;, l!onlbel' <br /> <br />~ <br />-~ <br />e .. .,- ounty Aud1torand Ex"- <br />of'f:l.c1o Clerk of the Board . <br />