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40 . <br />STATE OF WASHINGTON <br />County of Jefferson <br />IN THE MATTER OF THE <br />CANCELLATION OF UNCOLLECTIBLE <br />PERSONAL PROPERTY TAXES <br />RESOLUTION NO. <br />07 -14 <br />WHEREAS, the Jefferson County Treasurer has submitted a list of uncollectible <br />personal property taxes along with a request for permission to cancel said taxes and a <br />reason for her determinations defined for each person or corporation listed; and, <br />WHEREAS, said Treasurer has stated that she has made diligent search and <br />inquiry for goods and chattels wherewith to make such taxes and was unable to make or <br />collect the same. <br />NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Jefferson County <br />Commissioners is hereby satisfied that the attached list of personal property taxes <br />submitted and certified uncollectible by the County Treasurer cannot, in fact, be collected <br />and are hereby canceled as per RCW 84.56.240. <br />wdi <br />APPROVED this y day of 2014. <br />yTY CC f' <br />SEA iG • �u�o Y <br />t, .. y. <br />f <br />4 <br />4 <br />ATTEST: o L A etvt') <br />Caroly, Avery, <br />Deputy Clerk of the Board <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY <br />BOARD OF COMMSSIONERS <br />Phil Johnson, Member <br />/-�Z zel'11-115�7- <br />David Sullivan, Member <br />