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�I <br />i <br />In the Matter of <br />Declaration of Emergency <br />Damage to County Roads <br />1� <br />STATE OF WASHINGTON <br />COUNTY OF JEFFERSON <br />Resolution No. 09 -14 <br />WHEREAS, that due to a series of wet storm systems beginning around March 1, <br />2014 resulting in soil saturation, significant erosion and damage to county road <br />infrastructure, including a major slide on the Dosewallips Road, and <br />WHEREAS, immediate preventative action and repair will be necessary to prevent <br />further damage and to restore essential services, and <br />WHEREAS, persons and property are, or may be, threatened or damaged and <br />access to property may be impaired unless emergency efforts are taken by the Jefferson <br />County Department of Public Works to reduce the threat to life and property, and <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Jefferson County <br />Commissioners hereby declare that a state of emergency exists. <br />1. The County Department of Emergency Management is directed to implement <br />the Emergency'Management Plan as necessary for this emergency. <br />2. The County Department of Public Works is authorized to enter into contracts <br />and incur obligations necessary to combat this emergency to protect the health and safety <br />of persons and property in light of the exigencies of an emergency situation without <br />regard to time consuming procedures and formalities prescribed by law, with the <br />exception of mandatory constitutional requirements. <br />ADOPTED this day of AJL6 , 20 <br />r <br />Oy <br />_> C <br />1. olyn / <br />azolyn ery, Deputy C k of the Board <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY <br />BOARD Or ISSIONERS <br />Joh BcAstin, Chairman <br />